Falling, Failing? Not Feeling It

Our Fall weather is beautiful.  It's just now getting cold but no frost or snow yet.  It would be pretty early to get snow before Halloween and even if it does snow it's won't stick.  We'll be lucky if we have any snow for Christmas.  Last Christmas we had no snow and from all reports and forecasts we'll be getting less snow this winter.  And I do so love a snowy winter so I'm kind of sad about that.

I finally got rid of my cold.  Still not sleeping well but at least I don't have to be up early to go to work.  I get to stay home to do enthralling things like wash the laundry, scrub the tub and wash windows.  I get to do fascinating things like sort through old clothes and organize the two tiny closets that we have and try to fit everything thing in them a family of four needs.  Our linen closet is seriously about a foot wide and we have to put our vacuum in there too.  Unfortunately we have to keep our towels in the bathroom where they get damp because we don't have proper ventilation.  Sometimes I take a clean towel only to have to toss it in laundry because it smells musty.  I have to keep reminding myself to make sure the towels get rotated or my family will keep taking the towels I just washed.

What do you do with worn out towels that are ripped and worn out?  I have a huge tub of worn out towels and sheets with worn out spots on them.  I keep saving them but don't use them for anything.  Anyone have good ideas how to use these things?  I have a couple of flannel fitted sheets that wore out.  I have several towels that are threadbare and some that have rips and frayed edges.  I rarely buy new towels but my mom keeps gifting me towels and she either gets really cheap ones or buys really large bath sheets that are so huge you can't really use them to dry yourself off.  I want to toss all my towels away and buy some new ones that work better.   No more bath sheets or too fluffy towels that don't absorb any water.  The towels I'm using right now are almost see through and one has a large tear in it.  I guess I'll have to take a drive down to Spokane to pick up some towels because there is nowhere around here that sells any that are decent at a decent price.

I wrote the above about a week or two ago, can't remember when.  I do that and then leave them in draft to finish and I never do.  I have almost as many drafts that are unpublished as I do published posts.  So I'll just finish this one up.  Got some laundry done and a few other chores.  I have to go spend a fortune on dry cat food tomorrow because it is the only kind our old cat can tolerate even then she doesn't eat much because her teeth or rotten.  I always wonder why a cat's teeth would be rotten.  We don't feed her anything but cat food so how come her teeth are bad?  It doesn't really matter because we can't afford the $1000 or more it will cost to  fix them.  She will just have to age gracefully and hopefully not in too much pain although she does seem to have some arthritis in her hips.  She's also getting skinny and she was always a 15lb cat.  So we buy her canned food and give her as much as she wants.  We do the best we can and that is all we can do.

I'm feeling pretty down lately about our two sick cats, my kids, the husband, our lack of money, my lack of finding a job and our crumbling home.  I want to feel positive and upbeat but I have to deal with all this stuff everyday and some days it gets me down.  I'm going to go to bed and hope sleep takes me off to a good dream so I can wake up and feel more positive.


Birdie said…
The SPCA or any animal shelter will take old sheets and towels. :-)

Glad your cold is finally gone. Viruses stick around for so long these days. It was never like that when I was a kid.

Do you think you will be able to find a job for over Christmas? It might get your foot in the door.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Birdie. The SPCA is a great idea. I'll sort through my old towels and sheets and phone them to see if they want them. I'm sure I can get rid of a bunch of them. I keep thinking I'll use them for something but something never happens so getting rid of them to a good cause is a much better plan.
I live in a very small town, less than 10,000 people so there really aren't any Christmas jobs. It's all about who you are related to or who you know here and I guess I really need to get out there and start using relatives and friends, not something I really want to do but it's the only way in this small town.

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