Craving Strawberries

I wish local strawberries were ready.  Some are but it's not peak season yet here and for some reason I have a hankering to buy a bunch and freeze them for eating later.  Oh, and eat a bunch fresh right now.  I'll have to wait though because I'm not buying those non-organic imports which cost a fortune and taste like nothing.  I want the organic local ones.

I keep seeing people's posts about their gardens and it seems like everyone I read is harvesting now when we are still getting our plants to grow.  I guess lettuce and radishes would be ready but we didn't plant any.  The husband didn't like the lettuce I planted a couple of years ago and refuses to plant any more.  I told him not only did he wait too long to pick the lettuce leaves so they were bitter but it may have been the variety that he didn't like.  Now he's convinced that all lettuce will taste like crap from our garden but he continues to plant carrots that never grow for three years in a row now.

And our little town has gone mad lately.  A dangerous guy escaped from the psychiatric unit at the hospital.  The hospital is in eye sight of where we live.  They said he was suffering from command delusions (hearing voices that tell him to do stuff) and was in a hyper-sexual state.  Um, okay I'll keep my doors locked until he's caught.  I just wish it wasn't so hot out.  They did catch the guy in another town a day later so that's good he's now getting the help he needs.

Then the same night this guy got out I saw two guys walking down our street checking car doors to steal from people's cars.  I made sure to go out on our porch and bang the door loudly letting them know I saw them.  They continued on down the street like they hadn't a care in the world.  I wish cars could have some kind of stun setting on them so if anyone broke into your car they would get a good old jolt.  Most likely they would malfunction and jolt the owner though which would totally such.

And tonight I read that someone has seen a cougar (mountain lion to you Americans) just a few streets up from us.  Hopefully it's long gone now because there is no way I can keep the daughter's cat inside all night.  He will scratch at the walls and carpet and pretty much destroy the house so I hope he doesn't end up as cougar food.  Our old orange cat doesn't go outside anymore unless we are out there with her.  She can't jump very well and the daughter's cat chases her when they are outside together so she is an inside cat now.  She sometimes tries to get out or stands at the door but I ignore her or get her some cat nip so she forgets all about going outside.  LOL!

The son still hasn't got a job but then he pretty much doesn't come out of his room to look for one so that's no big shock.  He can't have his computer or video games all week and only gets them back on weekends.  The husband doesn't really seem concerned and would just leave the kid to rot.  We are trying to encourage him to get out of his room and help out around the house more.  He's not a bad kid really he's a sweet young man he just doesn't seem to have any motivation or can't seem to get over his social anxiety.

The daughter will be done her school year next Wednesday.  Then I'm back to having two young people in my house all summer.  Please pray one or both of them can get a job.  Most of their friends have found jobs so it's not like they don't exist.  I've suggested volunteering somewhere too.   I'm not sure what to do with these two kids.  They are so much like their dad it's baffling to me.  What teen wants to hang out at home with their parents all the time?  I know I sure didn't and went out with my friends and had a job when I was 16.

We are having record heat but it is cooling down at night enough to sleep.  If this keeps up I'm moving to somewhere colder cause I live in the mountains in BC, Canada for goodness sakes!  It's not supposed to be 35-40+C in the summer here.  It's supposed to be cold in Canada not hotter than most places far south of here. 

Well I better get to bed now that it's finally cool enough to sleep.  Have a great day.


Young kids today mystify me too. Good thing I'm not a parent!
Sparkless said…
Debra, I shake my head most days cause I feel more like their grandparent than their parent. They are on another planet from the one I live on.
Anonymous said…
You promised not to complain
Sparkless said…
Anonymous I wasn't complaining I was telling about events and things that are happening. Just because they aren't all rainbows and unicorn farts isn't my doing. And since you obviously are reading this blog you should have figured out what it's about. I'll give you a couple of hints, that name of the blog is one and my name is another. I will try to keep whining to the bare minimum just so I can keep you, Anonymous, as my loyal reader.

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