Social Media Black Out

Have you ever noticed you get tense or upset or angry reading social media?  I found I was feeling that way and wanting to reply to so many things with common sense but knew in my head and heart that it wouldn't be heard and wasn't necessary.  Those headlines are all for views and the more inflammatory they are the more views they get.

So I did a social media black out for a week.  I did read blogs because the blogs I read are ones I actually enjoy and I don't follow that many.  I can say the experiment was a success.  My stress went down and I didn't miss any of it except for the social contact part.  I missed the contact, pictures, info and chatting with my friends.  I didn't miss the media crap, headlines, political, loud rude opinions, religious nut case posts, or pretty much any of the news media stuff.

So now I am working on shutting down those areas so I don't have to see or read that crap anymore.  I'm not online as much and I can say I'm happier.  It's not like I was spending all day online but the few hours I did spend online wasn't being spent in a way that was making me happier so I figured out what the problem was and changed it.  Simple right?

Don't you just wish everything in life could be that simple.  Like, my son had his 5th job interview and didn't get the job but we know why and can fix it.  Real life is that we have no idea why and have done everything we can think of to help him.  He's even gone to the skills center, taken courses and spent time with the people there who teach people how to find jobs.  It doesn't make any sense and we are quickly losing patience.  From what we can tell he is trying to get these jobs.  We know this because a friend was in the fast food place he was being interviewed at and observed him being interviewed.  He said the son looked fine and behaved normally so it's not like he's actively trying not to get the job.

I could go on but heck, I started this blog off on a positive story so lets just end it on one.  I have my lottery ticket for lotto max 55million on Friday.  I'm set to win and have all my dreams come true.  Well, at least all the dreams I have about money.  I'd settle for that right now.


That's a good plan. It's surprising how nice and wonderful the world is again if you don't listen to the news, LOL! Good luck on the Lotto Max!
Birdie said…
The only social media I do is blogging. I gave up on Facebook years ago. A story I won't get into but I do not miss it.
It took my son a while to find a job. One thing that did help him was to keep checking back at the places he had applied at.
Sparkless said…
Debra, all that negative news and then everyone fighting over what they think about does no good at all. Even if I block the news sites I still have to listen to everyone spout their opinions and sometimes it's just too much and I have to shut it all down for my own good. I'll slowly go back and see how it is but if I feel the same way it will be good bye for good.

Birdie, I have a group of people I've known for years, 18 to be exact and we've moved around to different places but ended up on fb. It's not this group of women that bother me but all the other stuff that gets posted. I'd leave for good if I could take this group of women with me but I'd miss them too much if I left for good. We all share kids born in Jan of 1998 and went through pregnancy, birth, and raising our kids after. We have all stayed together as a group and always been supportive of each other even if we don't all have that same opinions, religions or views on life. It's a pretty amazing group of women.
The son has been checking back at placed off and on for a year now. He finally got interviews at four of them and then didn't get any job out of all that. He even had a second interview at Tim's but didn't get hired. Stupid people can't see a good worker when he's staring them in the face. This kid will show up on time every time and do the job.

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