Almost New Year!

Christmas came and went.  It was quiet and it was just one of those years when no one wanted anything special and I didn't have any inspired ideas for gifts.  Not that we care about gifts that much but it is part of the whole thing.  Personally I love buying or making gifts for people.  That to me is the best part of Christmas or doing things for people who don't expect it, like leaving a plate of goodies on a neighbour's step or leaving a nice tip for your mail carrier. 

I cringe when I hear those perfect people who think Christmas must be simple.  That everyone that isn't them is not enjoying themselves because they buy gifts and do lots of things.  Sure that can be a good time too but it's not the only way to do a Christmas up right.  If you don't buy gifts or don't focus on them that's fine, if other people do that's fine too.  And if you are like the majority of people and are somewhere in between that's all good too.  You do Christmas any way you like and if you don't enjoy what you do then you have no one but yourself to blame.

The husband had to work at 10 am so we all got up early and opened our presents before he went to work.  The kids enjoyed their gifts and in the afternoon we went up to my parents for Christmas supper.  Unfortunately my mom said she had a bad turkey and didn't want to cook it because it smelled bad.  She said the color was wrong too and no matter how much she rinsed it it still smelled wrong so we had ham and enjoyed our meal anyway. 

With only 9 of us at Christmas supper it was a quiet one.  Everyone seems a bit tired and we ate early and everyone went home by 8pm.  My dad hasn't been feeling that well and my mom wore herself out limping around on her bum knee so I'm pretty sure they were relieved that everyone went home early.  I'm sure they needed to recuperate before everyone came again on boxing day for left overs.

The daughter and I went out to check out the sales and she managed to buy a couple pair of jeans and some warm leggings.  She really could use a couple more pair of jeans but she is so picky and nothing ever fits her waist.  The jeans all bag in the waist on her for some reason and she's a tiny thing.  I thought they had finally started to make jeans that fit a girls body better but it seems that they are all made for girls with thick waists and tiny thighs.  The daughter is only about 105 lbs and not particularly curvy so why she has so much trouble finding jeans to fit her waist is beyond me.

Got to see an old high school friend who is working at one of the stores we went to.  It's always a shock to see people you haven't seen for years.  My memory of her is of her young and she's in her 50's now so she's aged and for some reason that always kind of stuns me a bit.  I can only imagine what they think of me and how I've aged.  Age has not been kind to me at all.

So we have some snow but it didn't come until a week before Christmas and we don't have that much just about 4 inches and that didn't all come down in one night but trickled down over the entire week.  Looks like it's about to get cold now and sunny in the daytime.

We are planning our New Year's Eve with supper and treats.  The husband will be home after 6pm but has to work the next day at 10am.  He said he's going to stay up till 12am but we'll see if that happens.  I don't think the kids are going anywhere.  Hopefully we can find some movies and maybe some games to play or I'll just be sitting around by myself while the kids sit in their rooms and the husband nods off on the couch.  Last year I spent New Year's Eve with the daughter's cat.  He was unimpressed with the New Year and slept soundly through the whole thing until I gave him a kiss on the head.  Lucky for me he didn't bite me so I took that as a good omen for the New Year.

May your New Year be a wonderful one full of health, wealth and happiness and most of all lots of love!


Birdie said…
I am glad you enjoyed Christmas. That is too bad about the turkey. Good thing your mom knew about smelly poultry! Some people would have just cooked it.

I will most definitely be sleeping on New Year's. Gotta be up at 6:00 the next morning. meh

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