I'm Melting

We are having another lovely heat wave.  Guess what the temperature is in my town in Southern BC.  You would never guess in a million years because everyone thinks Canada is cold.  There are areas that are roasting hot, hotter than Texas I've been told by a friend from there.

So today it was 41C (105.8 F for all your Americans).  The news said our town was 38C which was the hot spot in BC today.  It wasn't 38C though it was 41C and I know this because I have a thermometer that I checked several times.  It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  We may have to move North just to get out of this.  I'd say our average summer temperature is 35C (95F).

Tonight it is too hot to sleep.  We don't run our window a/c units at night because they are too loud and it's usually cool enough at night but not tonight.  Some hazy clouds decided to roll in and make it hot and muggy.  We have no breezes which is usual for here at night.  The air is hot and not moving at all.  You can't get a breeze to blow in your window at night.  We use a small fan but I find that I don't sleep well with a fan on my all night.

So tonight I am up sipping ice water and hoping for some coolness so I can go to sleep.  I'll just lay in bed and sweat so why bother to go to bed.  It's 27C in our house at 2am with fans going and our front door open.   Tomorrow I can nap while the a/c is running.  Either way it's going to be a rough time for the next few days.  No rain in the long term forecast either so that is 14 days of 35C or higher temps.  Maybe we'll move South where the temperature is more agreeable.

I don't know what to say but send cooling thoughts, rain, wind or some respite from this unrelenting heat/drought.  We're going to be like California soon if this keeps up.


It's 10 degrees cooler than that here in Alberta and it's STILL hotter than the hubs of hell. I feel for you! I would just croak at those temperatures, I think!
Mama Pea said…
I would DEFINITELY be melting! So I suppose I shouldn't mention that this summer we've still to take our winter comforter off our bed, huh? Sorry.
Birdie said…
That is just disgusting hot. It was 33 here yesterday and only 30 in the house with the small portable air conditioner running.

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