Days Like Today

There are days like today when I just don't feel like I can cope anymore.  I feel out of control and scared.  Sometimes the big ride of life feels like it's tossing me around too much and I just want it to stop or get off the ride.  No, I'm not saying I want to do harm to myself or anything like that.

Some days I just feel out of sorts like I can't handle one more thing.  It's not like anything is going on it's just normal life so why would I feel like this?  I don't like it and I know if I ignore it I will feel better soon but until that time I just want to hide.

Can't life be just a little simpler, kinder, gentler?  Why do even the simplest things have to be so hard?  Maybe I just need a good cry or to go hug a tree or something.


Mama Pea said…
Well, they do say that a good cry now and then does wonders to release tensions . . . you feel better once you do kinda "let it go." When I find myself feeling the way you described, what can usually pull me out of it is to throw myself into a task or project (even if it's one I don't want to do and have been putting off). Doesn't matter if I finish what I started, it seems to flip a switch somewhere in my brain or body and makes my outlook better. Also, negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts (same for positive thoughts!) so even though it's hard, hard, hard sometimes, even if you have to "pretend" to be feeling positive, it can start the ball of bringing positive things into your life rolling.
Sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed -- sometimes life is just like that, isn't it? I hope you feel more chipper soon.
Birdie said…
I think it is "the weight of the world" that gets so many of us feeling that way. You can't help but internalize it.

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