I'm here and still struggling along.  My daughter brought us a cold home and gave it to my son and I.  The husband is yet to get it so hopefully he won't get sick.  I always get the most sick and stay sick the longest.  Cold never used to bother me but lately I am feeling like a very old lady who is delicate and prone to illness.  I want to be hale and strong and kick colds to the curb.

Instead I wallow at home in my pj's coughing and snotting.  I can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time before I have to blow my nose or cough.  Once I'm awake I may as well get up to pee too.  My body doesn't go to sleep long enough to tell my kidneys to shut down urine production so I'm awake and peeing all night.  Sorry if that's too much info but it's just life.

So far I have drank several gallons of herbal tea, ate homemade chicken soup, dosed myself with oregano oil and inhaled menthol steam.  I've also taken several naps when I get tired but so far it's not kicking this cold.  The daughter is almost all better and the son is on the mend but I'm struggling.

Please tell me what your favorite cold cures are so I can give them a try.  I can't eat raw garlic or onion because it upsets my stomach but we put lots of it in the soup.  I, alas, could not taste the soup and couldn't tell what it tasted like although the hot red pepper flakes did burn a bit going down.

I am also contemplating Christmas this year.  Finances are going to be a problem.  Like we have no money.  We can barely pay the bills we have right now and have pretty much nothing to spare.  I've applied for several jobs even though they are minimum wage but they don't want to hire an old lady who hasn't working in years.  Their loss because I'd be a great employee. 

Do you ever look in the mirror and kind of wonder who the heck that is?  Like where did I go and who is that horrible old woman in the mirror?  So I do my hair and blob on the make-up and still I look hideous.  I can't hide the fact that my skin is blotchy my face is old and saggy and my hair is grey.  The bags under my eyes from years of lack of sleep can't be hidden.  The red rash all over my face from rosacea can't be concealed under make-up.  I don't expect to look young I just want to look vibrant and healthy.  I look like someone with one foot in the grave!  I'm too young to look this bad.

So I've been depressed about my appearance, depressed about not being able to find a job, depressed about not having any money, or maybe that more stressed than depressed or possibly both?  Anyway I need something to perk me up but I highly doubt I'll find anything at 2:45am sitting at my computer.  I could go to bed but I won't sleep and my coughing and nose blowing will keep the husband awake.  So I may as well hang out here for awhile and try to get tired enough to go to bed.

I hope you all are enjoying beautiful Fall weather and having a fantastic Thursday.  You'll find me at home in my robe with tissue stuffed up my nose, hot tea in my hand and trying to cough without spreading my germs everywhere.  I'm living the life.


I think perhaps the "several gallons of herbal tea" might be related to the all-night peeing, LOL? Cold or not, I don't think any woman past menopause ever has a good night's sleep again. I know I'm awake every couple of hours and my night-time bladder has shrunk to the size of a pea, it seems.
Birdie said…
Cold Fx, though really expensive when not on sale, always works for me. I loathe Wal Mart but they often have the best price. Superstore as well. But don't buy it not on sale!

I am also going through this middle aged slump. According to my Body Mass Index I am now "obese". My face is still covered with acne scars and then there are the wrinkles. My hair is grey. I just look old. And I feel old. My body is never without pain.

I do hope you find a job soon. I think you should tell a potential employer that you will make a great employee and they won't be disappointed if they hire you. If nothing, it will get their attention.
Sparkless said…
Debra, "past menopause?" Did you mean "women who are menopausal" or is there another stage after menopause that I'm not aware of where you are up all night peeing!!! I shudder to think. LOL!

Birdie, it could be worse, you could be morbidly obese. You have lost lots of weight and should feel proud of yourself. I'll be looking for some Cold Fx tonight cause I am done with feeling this bad. This cold is getting the boot!
DDD said…
I agree with you, my night-time bladder is much smaller than my day-time. I thought it's just me.
Birdie said…
Just stopping by to see how you are feeling. Hope your cold is gone.

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