Three Not So Little Bears

Bears are everywhere lately.  The husband heard one munching on our neighbour's grapes the other night.  We stood watching him about 10 feet from our bedroom window.  We keep checking our garage to make sure a bear hasn't broken into it again.

Last night we saw a large bear walking down the street.  The husband and I watched him from our front window.  I'm always thrilled to see them even if they rip holes in our garage door.  But tonight was the most amazing sight I've seen.  I looked up at the security camera and saw two bears walking down the street so I jumped up to get a better view out the front window.

It wasn't two but three very large bears walking down the middle of the street.  It must have been a mother and her two cubs but her cubs were almost the same size she was and she was pretty big.  I wish I could have taken a picture of them but I was too amazed watching them saunter down the street.  One even went up on his hind legs to look over someone's fence while the mother bear stopped and turned around to see where her cubs were.

I've read that it's been a bad year for berries due to the drought and fires which has meant the bears have no choice but to search for food where they can find it.  I am always amazed to see these wild animals and I feel privileged to live in an area where we have so many of them.  I just hope they are finding some food and move on to areas away from humans.   


Just strolling around like they owned the place, eh?
Sparkless said…
Debra, these bears aren't afraid of much but if you do make a loud noise and shout at them they will run away from you. One lady told us her cat chased a bear up a tree once. LOL!

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