End of Summer

This summer has sucked from beginning to end.  We had record high temps that still haven't really got better.  We have had almost no rain so drought conditions everywhere.  Forest fires all over the place and now our air quality is as bad as living in Beijing, China due to smoke.  It does cool off nicely at night now but you can't open your windows because then you are choking on smoke from all the forest fires.  So the time of year when most families are doing a last hurrah to summer you can't even spend any time outside or you are risking your health. 

Many wild animals have been displaced from all these fires and we are seeing them all over.  The poor things are starving and thirsty.  I can't imagine having to survive outside in all that smoke.  It's so smokey out there you can't even see the mountains surrounding us.  It's so weird to look outside and just see white everywhere.  It kind of feels like we are living in a science fiction story.

There is supposed to be rain this weekend but we know how that goes.  Everyone but our town gets rain.  The husband said it rained a bit today but it barely wet the roads and was dry right away.  I just hope the places with the forest fires are getting more rain than we are.

Please send some rain our way.  Our forest fighters are doing their best but these dry forests aren't helping them out at all.  Most of our smoke is coming up from the US but there are still plenty of fires in BC.  Washington state is having the worst time with all their fires so send them lots of rain too, they could use it.

I may have to go outside and wash the ash off the car again.  It's amazing to think that ash was carried in the air all the way from where the fires are in the US to here.
Good riddance Summer of 2015!  You will not be remembered fondly.


Birdie said…
╱╱↙╱╱↙ ╱↙╱╱╱↙╱ ╱↙╱╱↙↙╱↙
╱╱↙╱╱↙↙╱╱ ↙╱╱↙╱╱↙╱↙╱ ╱↙
╱╱↙╱╱↙↙╱ ╱↙╱╱↙╱╱↙╱ ↙╱↙╱
╱↙↙↙ ╱↙╱╱↙╱╱ ↙╱↙╱↙↙╱↙↙╱

Hope this helps!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Birdie. Keep it coming!

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