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Cramps and Insanity

My poor hands are cramping so badly from knitting I usually have to stop and stretch them. It's only my right hand and it's only the big thumb muscle on my hand. No idea why but it will just seize up like a Charley horse and I have to stretch it out right away or die of pain.

Not finished the scarf yet and haven't had time to put the picture up yet. Haven't figured out how to get the picture out of the camera and onto the computer. Usually it's just plug in the USB cord and away it goes but for some reason my computer is being pig headed and won't let me do the usual. I'll figure it out eventually.

I've got an optometrist appointment tomorrow morning at 9am which means I have to actually be showered and ready to go out before then. Usually I just get up with the kids and get them out the door before I either fall back into bed or laze about and drink coffee for another hour or so. With only one bathroom it's a bit of a juggling act to make su…

I'm knitting

I got some knitting needles and wool. I was going to teach the kids how to knit to keep them busy but it didn't work out well at all. So now I have all that wool to use up. I started a scarf. I've got a picture of it in my camera and I'll post it later.

All I really know how to do is to knit. So this scarf is just straight knitting. I'm thinking of putting some tassels on the ends but have no idea how to do that. I don't even remember how to cast off so I better hurry up and find out cause I'm more than half way through this scarf.

And winter came back. It snowed a bit, just enough to cover the ground but not much else. Just enough to be annoying really. If it's going to snow I wish it would do it good and proper and not mess around. It's pretty unusual for there to be no snow in January here.

I've got to go shower and finish up the laundry. I know, I know, you're saying "slow down!" My life is just so exciting and fast pac…

I Think I Ripped My Pants

Have you seen that video of Gillian Cooke the bobsledder who rips her suit right in the rear? I'm not going to post a link and perpetuate the poor woman's humiliation. Lets just say she was at the World Championships and had a camera low and behind her so they got a very nice shot of her bare bum. I don't know why they have to get butt shots of the bobsledders in the first place. The camera could be off to the side instead of us having to view them from behind like that.

What really bugs me is how this poor woman's humiliation is now every one's amusement. How would you like that video circulating about you? No? I wouldn't either so who the hell put it online and why? Because we as people are a bunch of sick pervs who get off on other people's shame. Personally I didn't find it amusing at all. Just like I don't watch any of those survivor shows. What is entertaining about people acting like poorly behaved children?

If you are one of the peo…

Recycling I Like

My younger sister is purse obsessed. She doesn't buy all those expensive designer purses but shops at thrift stores and other sales for purses. I have no idea what the appeal of purses is for her but I assume it's similar to a shoe obsession that so many women have. Every time I see her she has another purse.

Last night she was visiting for my daughter's birthday and had to share her new find. These purses are made out of recycled seat belts. At first I thought they would look horrible but after checking out the web site and seeing them I can say they are pretty cool looking. And I'm sure they'll last a long time being made out of sturdy seat belts.

I don't get anything for telling about these nor am I a relative of anyone at this company. I just like their product, thought it was innovative so I'm sharing the website with my many readers. Er, that is three readers.

Check them out for yourself at:

Baby It's Cold Outside

Actually it's unusually warm here for January. We had a cold snap in December and it was nasty. It's worse when there is no snow and it's really cold. So far this winter we've had hardly any snow, more rain than usual, an early cold snap and now an unusually warm January. I know winter isn't over yet but it's only going to warm up now which has me kind worried. If this continues it's going to be one hot summer!

We keep our heat very low in the winter and just wear sweaters and cover ourselves with warm blankets. We heat our house with natural gas and we spend about $90 a month for gas on the equal payment plan so that's pretty good. Our hot water tank is also natural gas.

But come summer we use more in electricity than we do paying for heat in winter. Our house becomes an oven that doesn't cool down in summer. I wonder why it doesn't work the same way in winter. Why doesn't the house retain heat as well in winter? I know we shou…

Love Those Stretch Marks

Today my baby turned 12. Lucky for me she's still shorter than I am and still loves me enough to give me lots of hugs and kisses. We took her out for spaghetti supper and went home to have some chocolate cake. She seemed very happy to be 12 but for me it's always about the memories. When one of my kids has a birthday I am always reminded of the day they were born.

I'm not one of those melancholy mom's who is forever crying about how they miss when their child was a baby. I'm pretty much thrilled with how both my kids are turning out. They aren't perfect but I like it that way. I'm not going to get all teary over missing what I've already had. I've done the baby years and yes they did have their moments but I also remember those other times too. The times when they wouldn't sleep for months on end. Or when they would tag team get sick so I'd be up with vomiting kids for a week or more. It was the vomiting that I could have totally d…

Better and Worse

Well the husband and I worked out our problems and are now speaking again. But I have to say it took me asking him if this was how he wanted to go for the rest of his life. Then we worked it out. Sheesh next time I'll just bash him in the head with a 2 x 4. That would be a lot easier and save time.

Oh, and the board I'm on is driving me insane. The head coach was at the last meeting grumbling about he was not going to do this and he was not going to do that. So we set it up so he won't have to. I make a sign I arrange people to come in and do these things. Well then I hear he will do this and he will do a bit of that! ARG!

You want to know what he was really mad about what his whole gripe was? It wasn't that he didn't want to do those things it was he thinks this other coach is making almost the same amount of money that he is. An how pray tell does he find out how much other coaches are making? Well Little Hitler of course. She can't keep her gob …

Silence is Golden, Sometimes

The husband and I are having a fight of sorts. It's not like the usual fights adults have. It's one of those childish ones. This one started with the husband not liking what I was saying even though it needed to be said. He's the type who doesn't like to talk and especially doesn't like to problem solve. He's like his parents, the kind who like to ignore problems and pretend they don't exist so they actually continue to exist. The intelligent adult would work to solve the problem instead of try so hard to pretend it doesn't exist but not my man.

So to make him happy I've stopped talking to him. It's been almost a week now and looks like there may be no end in sight. I'm not really mad at him so much as exasperated. If this is how he wants it then so be it except I'll take it just a bit farther than he expects to make a point. Unfortunately he's a bit dense, oh heck who am I trying to kid, the man is dense as a post.

To end th…

Yummy In My Tummy

Gosh it's been awhile since I blabbered on about things. Sorry to keep you all hanging.... well at least 3 of you anyway.

I can't cook, or should I say I hate to cook? Either way it's the same. I get anxious when I have to make a meal. Not a lunch or a breakfast but supper. I just can't cope with supper. Now if it's just for me that's no problem but when I have to feed two kids, one of whom is a really picky eater and the other one who will eat anything it makes it a bit of a challenge. If it were just me and my son we could have a nice omelet and salad. But my daughter won't eat eggs so I can't make that. We've already had turkey dogs, spagetti and leftover spagetti. There isn't any chicken fingers in the freezer, something she loves. So I'm thinking grilled cheese sandwiches with some type of veggies. I wish I had some salad but it's going to have to be frozen corn, peas or beans. We could have some carrots but no one likes…

The Winter that never was

I know many of you are complaining about the cold and snow. Unfortunately I think you got our winter, please send it back. We didn't even have snow for Christmas for goodness sakes. I live in Canada in the mountains!

We did finally get some snow a few days after Christmas and it stuck around for about three days and then it rained and slushed. Our snow is going fast. I can see my lawn again. It's a bit colder tonight because we have clear skies but only about -2C.

I don't know if it's just me getting older, or the kids no longer being young enough to believe in Santa or the lack of any real winter weather but I haven't once felt that cozy winter feeling. You know that feeling you get when those big white flakes are falling from the sky so fast you can barely shovel them off the walk fast enough? And you know better than to go and drive around too much so you stay at home with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to music as you gaze at your Christmas tree and munch…

Back to the Grind Monday

All the madness is over and it's back to the grindstone for most of us. For me it means peace and quiet while the kids are at school. I may even get a day to myself while the husband is at work. A day when I'm all alone at home and can do whatever I want is like gold. I can feel your envy, yes I can.

I'm slowly cleaning up and getting rid of stuff. It's time for spring cleaning and I only go about that in one gear, low and slow. I don't want to kill myself. Death by cleaning isn't something I want on my tombstone. I've started with the living room bookshelf. Books are my personal downfall. I buy too many for me and for the kids. So we are always culling and getting rid of books. I keep weaning the kids books down but I really want to keep some of them. The kids don't care but they mean something to me so I'll dig up a box and box them up to store with all the other junk I just can't get rid of.

I'll box up some of the books to se…


As I was reading through my list of blogs I was amazed at how people use New Years as a time to set goals for the coming year. Unfortunately most of those goals will not be met. I even read about how being happy was a choice. I'm sure it is a choice but it's not always that easy to simply choose.

If we could choose to be happy does that mean that all the other things that have happened in our lives have no meaning? Like the way your were raised, your genetics, your current situation, your health etc. Do all those things not also contribute to being able to choose? It would be much easier to choose to be happy if you had enough money, good health, good friends, good family relationships and a good place to live.

I've noticed that people with enough money are usually happier. They have more choices. They can choose where to live, where to go, what to eat, what to wear, how to live their lives. The ability to choose many things in your life is what will make you happy…

New Year

Ya it's a new year. Good bye 2009 and good riddance! I hope you are all at home recovering from an awesome party. I sat home alone with the kids like usual. The kids stayed up until 12 but for what I'm not sure. I tried to plan some fun but there was no money for the games and food. All we had was video games the kids are already sick of and a movie the husband downloaded. Unfortunately the husband keeps burning movies but they never play properly. Most of his movies start messing up about half way through the movie just when you are really wanting to see the what happens in the end. So the movie was okay but the glitches and stops and starts kinda ruined it for us even though we kept on until the end.

It's been snowing and it's so pretty outside. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow but I really hope it doesn't cause I love the snow. It has magical qualities for me plus it covers up all the nasty dog poo in the neighbours yard so we don't have…