I Think I Ripped My Pants

Have you seen that video of Gillian Cooke the bobsledder who rips her suit right in the rear? I'm not going to post a link and perpetuate the poor woman's humiliation. Lets just say she was at the World Championships and had a camera low and behind her so they got a very nice shot of her bare bum. I don't know why they have to get butt shots of the bobsledders in the first place. The camera could be off to the side instead of us having to view them from behind like that.

What really bugs me is how this poor woman's humiliation is now every one's amusement. How would you like that video circulating about you? No? I wouldn't either so who the hell put it online and why? Because we as people are a bunch of sick pervs who get off on other people's shame. Personally I didn't find it amusing at all. Just like I don't watch any of those survivor shows. What is entertaining about people acting like poorly behaved children?

If you are one of the people who is entertained by people falling or doing something embarrassing or those survivor shows ask yourself if you'd like to see yourself splitting your pants over and over and everyone laughing at you? Forever that woman will be thought about as the woman who split her suit at the Bobsledding World Championships. I know I sure wouldn't want that to be what everyone remembers about me and neither would you. So I say shame on you! Shame on the person who put that video online, and shame on all the people who keep watching it over and over. Get a life people!


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