Baby It's Cold Outside

Actually it's unusually warm here for January. We had a cold snap in December and it was nasty. It's worse when there is no snow and it's really cold. So far this winter we've had hardly any snow, more rain than usual, an early cold snap and now an unusually warm January. I know winter isn't over yet but it's only going to warm up now which has me kind worried. If this continues it's going to be one hot summer!

We keep our heat very low in the winter and just wear sweaters and cover ourselves with warm blankets. We heat our house with natural gas and we spend about $90 a month for gas on the equal payment plan so that's pretty good. Our hot water tank is also natural gas.

But come summer we use more in electricity than we do paying for heat in winter. Our house becomes an oven that doesn't cool down in summer. I wonder why it doesn't work the same way in winter. Why doesn't the house retain heat as well in winter? I know we should put more insulation in and change the crappy windows but who has the money for that? I know I sure can't afford to do that and yet I can barely afford not to.

In summer we have two window a/c units running almost all day. I try to turn them off and only use them when we have to but if you let the house heat up inside the a/c units don't really work so well. It seems to work best to keep them on and keep the house cool during the day and then turn them off at night. If I leave them off during the early part of the day the house heats up inside and doesn't seem to cool off. The only cool will be coming out of the a/c units so if you turn those off the house is hot again. If you keep the house (walls, furniture and stuff) cool then when you go to bed you can turn off the a/c and it stays cool inside. I'm not scientist but I know there is a simple explanation for this.

Anyway, we spend more to keep the house cool in summer than we do to keep it warm in winter. So whoever said global warming wasn't real was a total moron. I really want to move somewhere cooler before summer hits or somewhere there are lots of trees, shade and preferably a nice breeze near a river or a lake that doesn't flood. I can deal with the cold it's the heat that gets me. If it's cold you just add more layers of clothes if it's hot you can walk around naked and still be way too hot.

You can well imagine that Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons with winter and summer coming in third and fourth favorites. Wow this sure makes for interesting reading doesn't it? No? Well that's okay cause I've only got three followers. LOL! And the name of this blog is "Madness From the Brink of Insanity" so if you are coming her for coherent reading you've come to the wrong place. I can barely string two sentences together on a good day.

Now I've forgotten what the hell I was talking about in the first place. Normally I'd just scrub this post but I'm too lazy cause then I'll have to come back and try again. I'm old and tired so this is what you get for today, incoherent babbling. Come back tomorrow when I'll vent incoherently about something or other. Hahahahahahaha!


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