New Year

Ya it's a new year. Good bye 2009 and good riddance! I hope you are all at home recovering from an awesome party. I sat home alone with the kids like usual. The kids stayed up until 12 but for what I'm not sure. I tried to plan some fun but there was no money for the games and food. All we had was video games the kids are already sick of and a movie the husband downloaded. Unfortunately the husband keeps burning movies but they never play properly. Most of his movies start messing up about half way through the movie just when you are really wanting to see the what happens in the end. So the movie was okay but the glitches and stops and starts kinda ruined it for us even though we kept on until the end.

It's been snowing and it's so pretty outside. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow but I really hope it doesn't cause I love the snow. It has magical qualities for me plus it covers up all the nasty dog poo in the neighbours yard so we don't have to view it out our kitchen window every day.

Oh, the husband bought new taps and installed one. He bought some cheap clear plastic tap which doesn't match the other solid metal one. Plus the plastic one is really small like it was meant for a sink and not the tub. So I ask the husband when he's putting the other tap on so they both match. "Never." he says. "Why the heck not?" I ask. "It doesn't fit." he answers.

I really don't know how one tap can fit on and the other one won't. The husband said he bought universal ones that were supposed to work on any taps. Maybe if he didn't buy the cheapest ugliest tap he could find it would fit and our taps would match. So it looks like we are going to have one ugly small clear plastic tap and one larger metal tap. The husband sees no need to fix this. He doesn't understand that each thing he fixes in our house makes our house worth less money and is going to make it harder for us to sell. I think that's his motive. He doesn't want to move. He grew up in a really small nasty house and thinks everyone else should too.

I think I've whined enough about the bathroom for one year. I'm going to go out and get a loan and hire myself a plumber to come in and fix the whole dang bathroom. Then I'm going to make the husband pay for it all! Then I'm getting a hair cut and color and buying some new underwear. Maybe I'll have a facial while I'm at it. And if there isn't enough to pay for the daughter's gymnastics or the son's violin lesson or the husbands coffee, oh well. I'm cranky and tired of crap from everyone. This year I'm taking what's due me and the rest of you can stand in line!


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