Yummy In My Tummy

Gosh it's been awhile since I blabbered on about things. Sorry to keep you all hanging.... well at least 3 of you anyway.

I can't cook, or should I say I hate to cook? Either way it's the same. I get anxious when I have to make a meal. Not a lunch or a breakfast but supper. I just can't cope with supper. Now if it's just for me that's no problem but when I have to feed two kids, one of whom is a really picky eater and the other one who will eat anything it makes it a bit of a challenge. If it were just me and my son we could have a nice omelet and salad. But my daughter won't eat eggs so I can't make that. We've already had turkey dogs, spagetti and leftover spagetti. There isn't any chicken fingers in the freezer, something she loves. So I'm thinking grilled cheese sandwiches with some type of veggies. I wish I had some salad but it's going to have to be frozen corn, peas or beans. We could have some carrots but no one likes them cooked and we have them raw all the time in lunches so I don't think I'll have them for supper too.

I think my goal for the year should be to learn to cook some new meals. Meals that everyone will eat and actually like. Tonight I'll break out the cook books and see if I can find anything in them that looks easy and tasty oh and healthy too.

Pictures are madatory in cookbooks. I just can't fathom a cookbook without pictures of what the final dish should look like. I have to see the finished product so I can judge if my concoction is even close. I have a couple of cookbooks that don't have pictures and I rarely use them. Actually I rarely use any cookbook. Sad really.

If you have any cookbook suggestions or to die for recipes please send them to me. I need all the help I can get.


Kate said…
Hey, well I am veggie but if you are very keen on meat you can always add to recipes.

I love vegetarian lasagne, The great thing is you can be flexible about what you add. I like with chopped tomatoes, aubergine, onion, courgette, butternut squash and spinach with some cheery tomatoes. Basically fry the onion, add the garlic, aubergine and courgette with extra virgin olive oil. Add the butter nut squash and a couple of tins of chopped tomato. The just layer with wholemeal pasta into a bit lasagne dish. I also add goats cheese between pasta layers and then top with parmesan and bread crumbs and bake for an hour.

Kate xxx

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