Back to the Grind Monday

All the madness is over and it's back to the grindstone for most of us. For me it means peace and quiet while the kids are at school. I may even get a day to myself while the husband is at work. A day when I'm all alone at home and can do whatever I want is like gold. I can feel your envy, yes I can.

I'm slowly cleaning up and getting rid of stuff. It's time for spring cleaning and I only go about that in one gear, low and slow. I don't want to kill myself. Death by cleaning isn't something I want on my tombstone. I've started with the living room bookshelf. Books are my personal downfall. I buy too many for me and for the kids. So we are always culling and getting rid of books. I keep weaning the kids books down but I really want to keep some of them. The kids don't care but they mean something to me so I'll dig up a box and box them up to store with all the other junk I just can't get rid of.

I'll box up some of the books to sell in our annual spring garage sale too. I'm sure we could make a few dollars off all those books. I really miss the days when the kids and I snuggle don the couch and I read to them. I enjoyed the stores and they each had their personal favorites. I even had some kids books long before I had kids. LOL!

They are quickly outgrowing the kids books though so out they must go. I'll make room on those shelves for some of my books or some of the endless nicknack's my mother-in-law insists on giving me. I don't collect anything but dust yet she insists on cluttering my house with more stuff. I love candles which I burn so beeswax without scent is perfect. She also insists on giving the kids clothes which never fit or they don't like. We have to take back a pair of jeans she bought for the son because she didn't listen to what size to get. She never listens. The shirts she bought for the daughter are almost too small so won't get much wear. The pants she bought for the son don't fit but I'll exchange them and the shirt she bought for him is huge so he won't wear it. I wish she would get them gift certificates or something instead. Such a waste of money is sad.

So much work to do and I have so little energy to do any of it. I'll most likely start, get overwhelmed and give up. That's what I did last year and the year before that. But maybe just maybe this year will be different. Maybe I'll drink enough coffee to keep me twitching long enough to finish all the sorting and organizing that needs to be done. But them again, most likely not. Ah, well at least I'm honest if nothing else.


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