As I was reading through my list of blogs I was amazed at how people use New Years as a time to set goals for the coming year. Unfortunately most of those goals will not be met. I even read about how being happy was a choice. I'm sure it is a choice but it's not always that easy to simply choose.

If we could choose to be happy does that mean that all the other things that have happened in our lives have no meaning? Like the way your were raised, your genetics, your current situation, your health etc. Do all those things not also contribute to being able to choose? It would be much easier to choose to be happy if you had enough money, good health, good friends, good family relationships and a good place to live.

I've noticed that people with enough money are usually happier. They have more choices. They can choose where to live, where to go, what to eat, what to wear, how to live their lives. The ability to choose many things in your life is what will make you happy. When you are thwarted in your goals or needs a person naturally becomes unhappy. Would we tell this person to just choose to be happy? That would be stupid and insensitive.

And then there are those people who are truly happy in bad situations. Maybe they are just sadists or enjoy chaos? I'm not sure about those people. Life is never as simple as just choosing to be happy. For one, being happy, is not something we can be all the time. It is an impossible goal in itself. We can choose to live life and have peace. We can choose to not whine and gripe.

This hides what we are truly feeling though. It reminds me of seeing the news after a person has committed suicide and the loved one says "I never knew anything was wrong. Bob always seemed so happy." So if we are truly unhappy shouldn't we show that? Sure we can go around pretending to be happy but that's a false front. The trick is to actually "be happy." Can we really just do that?

Take a minute and a time when you felt really happy. See if you don't smile and feel that happy feeling slipping back inside you just a bit. Maybe the trick is to only think of happy things? Could this be the answer? If we ignored all the bad stuff in our lives and only concentrated on the good things would that make us happy? Would we feel happier?

Sit down and try it for yourself. Every time you are feeling unhappy or negative or life is getting you down forget about that stuff and think of a time when you felt truly happy. Concentrate really hard on that time and feeling it again. It sounds too simple to work. I'm sure it is too simple but maybe just maybe we can choose not so much to be happy but to ignore the bad things and remember the good ones. And maybe by doing this we'll "feel" happy more often?

So I choose to feel happy more often this year. I choose peace and happiness.


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