Better and Worse

Well the husband and I worked out our problems and are now speaking again. But I have to say it took me asking him if this was how he wanted to go for the rest of his life. Then we worked it out. Sheesh next time I'll just bash him in the head with a 2 x 4. That would be a lot easier and save time.

Oh, and the board I'm on is driving me insane. The head coach was at the last meeting grumbling about he was not going to do this and he was not going to do that. So we set it up so he won't have to. I make a sign I arrange people to come in and do these things. Well then I hear he will do this and he will do a bit of that! ARG!

You want to know what he was really mad about what his whole gripe was? It wasn't that he didn't want to do those things it was he thinks this other coach is making almost the same amount of money that he is. An how pray tell does he find out how much other coaches are making? Well Little Hitler of course. She can't keep her gob closed about anything.

Oh and speaking of Little Hitler she tells me there have been complaints about cheques not being deposited fast enough. She says she can't come in every day of the week and make deposits. After all she is a unpaid volunteer. I agree with her that that would be unreasonable. So I ask if we can get a night time deposit key from the bank and have other board members make deposits. Well first she says the bank doesn't do this so I call the bank and of course we can do this. Then she says she is responsible for all the money and doesn't feel comfortable having just anybody on the board making deposits. What if money goes missing she asks? Well money could be missing right now and how would anyone but you know about it? ARG!!

I am a signee for the society too and I sign a bunch of cheques for her without every seeing what she's writing cheques for. I sign my name to things that I have nothing to do with because she needs to have two people sign something and I'm the one who's there. I think I'll stop being so accommodating and she can find someone else to be a signee cause I'm not sure I trust her anymore. She lies constantly to get her own way.

Then she says she can come every night to pick up the fees. I'm going to smack her in the face, really I am. I have to see her at a meeting tomorrow morning and I'm not sure I can contain myself. I may be arrested for assault and battery. I'm not really that kind of person I just think it in the deep recesses of my brain while all this stuff is going on. I have the picture of her on a catapult and her fat body flying through the air into oblivion. hee hee!

We have these board meetings and everyone decides something but no one is responsible to make sure things are followed through with. It should be the President doing this but of course he doesn't do squat. I wash my hands of the whole thing. As a matter of fact I just may call someone to have them audited. I'm sure there is some funny accounting going on and someone is gonna get in trouble. Little Hitler things she is above the rules but she'll get her due.

So how was your week?


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