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Need to Write

I was not going to write anything unless I really felt I had to.  I didn't want to just write because I thought I needed to put something up for people to read.  But I feel a strong urge to write.  I've actually written about 9 posts that I won't put up but this helped me realize that I really do still enjoy writing.

I feel like lots has changed but also stayed the same.  We took the son's computer and video games away from him because he wasn't looking for a job and was staying in bed all day and playing games all night.  He does still technically have a job but it's the one he got last August.  He worked full-time for two weeks before he went back to school.  He then worked about 4 days between Sept and Dec 2014.  He's worked about 4 hours this year.  Having a casual job is great but he needs to look for something else either a full-time job or a part-time job.  Working a couple days a month is not enough.  And we will not allow him to lay around doing no…


Why do I bother to blog?  I'm not even sure anymore.  I started for myself mostly to get my vents out in a safe place.  It made me feel better to crab to the anonymous internet.  No one really read my ramblings.  There are a few now and they are lovely people who I enjoy reading their blogs too but I've lost my spark even more.  Blogging seems like a waste of time and I'm not enjoying it.

I think I'll take a break from blogging and just read other people's blogs for a bit.  Maybe I've been putting pressure on myself to actually write entertaining posts which I fail at badly.  This in turn depresses me and makes me feel badly about myself.  Ya, I do know I shouldn't feel that way and blogging should be fun for everyone but right now I'm just really frustrated.

I'm not getting anything out of blogging.  When I write I seem to keep going over the same stuff over and over again.  A red flag, yup, a red flag that my life is really boring and nothing in i…


For the last three days or more there has been a weather warning up about a big winter storm coming.  So far not much.  They keep putting the day it's to arrive back.  Now we are waiting for it to arrive this afternoon.  It's almost noon and haven't seen much snow.  There was a light dusting last night but not enough to warrant a weather warning.

I'd like a big dump of snow.  I'm tired of the brown dead stuff and want everything to look white and clean for a bit.  It's like we've had no winter at all this winter and we need winter.

I also feel blah.  I don't feel like doing anything.  I don't even want to do anything.  Nothing appeals to me.  I know I should be making plans, resolutions or even goals but I'm just not into it.  I want to go back to bed and stay there.

There is so much I should be doing or at least planning to do but I'm not.  I want to want to do stuff but I can't seem to muster any enthusiasm.  The only thing that appeal…