Why do I bother to blog?  I'm not even sure anymore.  I started for myself mostly to get my vents out in a safe place.  It made me feel better to crab to the anonymous internet.  No one really read my ramblings.  There are a few now and they are lovely people who I enjoy reading their blogs too but I've lost my spark even more.  Blogging seems like a waste of time and I'm not enjoying it.

I think I'll take a break from blogging and just read other people's blogs for a bit.  Maybe I've been putting pressure on myself to actually write entertaining posts which I fail at badly.  This in turn depresses me and makes me feel badly about myself.  Ya, I do know I shouldn't feel that way and blogging should be fun for everyone but right now I'm just really frustrated.

I'm not getting anything out of blogging.  When I write I seem to keep going over the same stuff over and over again.  A red flag, yup, a red flag that my life is really boring and nothing in it ever changes or that I really suck at this blogging stuff.

So instead of torturing my wonderful readers with my continuous whining I'm gong to take a break from blogging until I feel I have something better to blog about.  I'm well aware this may never happen and I may just come right back and continue on with much of the same but I'm game to give a break a try and see how it pans out.

So to my handful of readers I'll be going all quiet but I'll be reading your blogs cause I really do enjoy them.  Those blogs are the rays of sunshine in my day and I'd very much miss reading about all the fantastic and usual things you get up to.  Look for me in your comments, I'll be around.


Mama Pea said…
We all need to be easier on ourselves and do whatever it is that makes us feel good. So take as much of a break as you want, Sparkles (I think I'm gonna change your name), but I'll look forward to seeing you back blogging again . . . when and if it seems right. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
OH, I do love you and your blog. Write whatever the hell you want to write about. I read your ramblings and reading them makes me feel less alone in this world that is on tilt.
You sound weary. Not tired. Weary. It is hard to find anything to inspire us this time of the year. ag
Write when you can.

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