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Do you want to hear about my birthday last week?  It wasn't horrendous but it wasn't at all close to my plan.  It started out with me getting up early like earlier than I want to get up on my birthday at 7am.  I had to quickly shower and get out of the way so the kids could get in there and then get off to school.  When they left the husband got in the shower.  I had to move a bunch of things out of my living room or my mother-in-law would rifle through them and they are none of her business so I just put them away.  These are things like private mail, books etc.  I once saw her looking through my address book.  Not like there's anything in there shocking but I would never pick up someone elses private things and thumb through them. 

Anyway they arrived almost at 9:30am even though they had said they would be here at 9am.  So the husband and I wasted a half hour sitting around waiting for them.  They came and mother-in-law (now will be referred to as MIL) had made a small …

Best Laid Plans and All That Stuff

My birthday is next Tuesday.  I always plan my own birthday because no one else will.  I wanted to order some cupcakes from this lady who makes awesome ones.  We ordered from her for the son's graduation and we know they are yummy and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  But alas she had too many weddings and she either couldn't supply them or we could pick them up tomorrow.  She says they freeze well but I don't want thawed cupcakes.  I want yummy fresh ones.

So I figured we'd just invite everyone over Friday night instead of Tuesday.  The wheels came to a screeching halt when I found out my aunt and cousin were stopping at my parents house Friday and Saturday night.  My house is entirely too small and uncomfortable to invite them plus all my family over.  My aunt is not in the best health and her daughter, my cousin, is traveling with her to Vancouver so she can visit her brother.  We literally have 5 places to sit in our living room.  When I invite my famil…

My Brain is Mush

Apparently my brain has turned to mush.  Every decision I make I end up changing or have to change because it was the wrong thing to do.  Take today for example, I made an appointment for the son to see his therapist.  When I told the son about it he said I should have made it for a different day and when I thought about it he was right.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, actually, I must not have been thinking at all.  I just can't seem to get my thoughts together anymore.

This leads me to be indecisive because I'm afraid of making the wrong choice.  I already have to change an appointment I made for myself because it's right near my birthday and the husband is off so maybe we'll go and do something fun if I can get his butt off the couch to go.  I should have figured not to make an appointment a day away from my birthday.

So tomorrow I have to phone and do some rescheduling.  I wonder what else I'll have to do more than one time?  I'm finding myself stand…

This and That

Still no word from the husband's Dr. about a follow-up appointment.  The daughter has missed the first week of school due to our teacher's strike.  The government has published lies and has now dismissed binding arbitration.  The teachers are willing to have the strike settled by binding arbitration but the government is not.  That tells you who is the real problem.  I am getter very angry over this whole situation.  Kids have a right to an education and our government is not allowing our kids to get an education and then they are blaming the teachers.  UG!

The son has finished his first week of college.  He only has three classes but that is considered full time so hopefully he'll do okay.  The college is quite a distance from where we live in another town.  It takes an hour for a bus to get there and about 30 minutes if you drive.  Unfortunately for him he didn't learn to drive yet so can't take our car.  Fortunately for him he has a friend going out who can driv…

Too Much Togetherness

I love my kids, I really do but I am ready for them both to go to school.  Our house is just too small for more than two people for any length of time.  At least one of them is going back to school on Tuesday so hopefully that will ease the stress.  But then the husband is off Tue and Wed and most of Thur so just as you get rid of one person another one comes back.

The husband had the ultrasound on his neck last Thur and we are even more confused.  The tech said that he thought his lymph nodes could be normal size for a guy his size.  What we are taking from that is that there was no change in the size so as far as the Dr. is concerned they are still enlarged.  We have to wait for the Dr's office to phone to make a follow-up appointment and that could take a month or so.  I really hope it's not cancer because all this waiting to find that out when he could have been getting treatment is really going to piss me off.  I'm going to choose to think it will most likely nothing …