Too Much Togetherness

I love my kids, I really do but I am ready for them both to go to school.  Our house is just too small for more than two people for any length of time.  At least one of them is going back to school on Tuesday so hopefully that will ease the stress.  But then the husband is off Tue and Wed and most of Thur so just as you get rid of one person another one comes back.

The husband had the ultrasound on his neck last Thur and we are even more confused.  The tech said that he thought his lymph nodes could be normal size for a guy his size.  What we are taking from that is that there was no change in the size so as far as the Dr. is concerned they are still enlarged.  We have to wait for the Dr's office to phone to make a follow-up appointment and that could take a month or so.  I really hope it's not cancer because all this waiting to find that out when he could have been getting treatment is really going to piss me off.  I'm going to choose to think it will most likely nothing serious.  If I think that then I won't be stressed out or worried.

The kids both need clothes, especially the daughter who needs new pants.  I hope when school starts we've been able to get her a couple pairs of jeans to start with.  I'd buy then second hand if I could find any.  We only have one thrift store and it is sadly picked over so bad.  The people that work there take all the good stuff and it's mostly junk left.  I've never found any clothing that was worth paying for except for some clothes to make Halloween costumes with.  Most people here give their old stuff to family or friends.

We are so broke right now I'm not sure how we are going to manage.  We did get the son's tuition paid.  He has money he got from his graduation for gifts that he can use for books and whatever else he needs.  The daughter doesn't really need a bunch of school supplies but I got her a box of pencils, pens and erasers.  She has binders, and lined paper to keep her the entire year.  So I haven't really done any school shopping which is good but money is stressing me out again. 

We get to a point that we would like to have money saved but it's just not possible.  Right now we have $18 in the bank and that has to last all week till Friday when the husband gets paid.  We have half a tank of gas and some groceries but the cupboards are pretty bare right now.  We actually do have money in our savings account but I saved that to pay for the daughter's piano lessons.  Her teacher wants to be paid for the quarter right away.  We can break it into two payments and give her one post dated cheque but I'm pretty sure we'd have a hard time saving enough money to cover the second payment and that's why I'd rather just pay it all at once.  That means we have to pay for 14 half hour lessons at $24 a lesson.  Ya it's a huge amount of money but the daughter loves it and practices so we want to support that.

Nothing out of the ordinary through the security camera this weekend that I've been witness to.  I thought it would get a bit wild out there with the long weekend but I think pretty much everyone went away.  Our street seems deserted.   Of course my husband is working so we never go anywhere, plus the money situation doesn't really help either.  I'd have loved to go somewhere for a few days just to get away.

You can feel the nip in the air in the evenings now even though it's still pretty warm during the day time.  If the sun is out it's still hitting 30C out there but at least it is cooling down nicely in the evenings.  I'll have to get the winter quilts out of storage and get them aired out now while the weather is nice.

I've got a couple of knitting projects I'm attempting.  My older sister has become addicted to knitting and has been knitting socks and some baby booties.  I want to knit a pretty shawl to put over my shoulders when I'm reading.  I have a blanket for my lap but my shoulders get cold even if I have a hoodie on.  My sister also made several fingerless gloves and I have a pair that I use when I'm on my computer in the cold months.  We keep our temperature in our house really low so sometimes if you are typing for awhile your hands get a bit chilled especially the back of your hands so the fingerless gloves work really well.

I'm debating whether I should can some tomatoes this year.  I was thinking we use lots of tomato sauce to make spaghetti and other tomato based sauces and it would be nice to have stuff ready that wasn't from a can.  I can get a bunch of roma tomatoes which would make a good base for sauce.  I guess I'll have to look into how to can tomato sauce.  My sister wants to make salsa so maybe we'll do that.

If you preserve your produce what is the one thing that you can't do without in the winter months?  Is it fruits, tomato sauce, frozen veggies or something else?  I want to do some more canning but I want to make something that we will actually eat.  The pickles my sister and I did don't really fit that bill as I don't even like dill pickles.  We haven't tried the ones we made yet and I'm really hoping they aren't soft because we did the hot water bath like everyone says you should.  When I made them with my mom we didn't do a hot water bath.  She just sterilized the jars, kept them hot, put the cucumbers in, added in the dill and seasonings, and then poured the hot brine in.  Popped on the lid and left them to seal.  I think only two jars didn't seal so we put them in the fridge.  No one got sick from them but I don't think that is the proper way to make dill pickles from what I've read.

I just hope we don't have a bunch of jars of soft nasty pickles that the husband won't eat and I can't give away to anyone.  Now that would be a waste of money and time.  Speaking of which I'd better get to bed its way past my bedtime.  I hope everyone is having a relaxing labor day


Mama Pea said…
A relaxing Labor Day?? Is that what you're supposed to do? Gosh darn, I got it all wrong. Our garden is giving us everything to preserve/can all at once (seems that way at least) so I'm laboring on Labor Day Weekend. Not complaining really though as I'm mighty grateful we ARE getting as much as we are from the garden after such a bad start to the season.

What could we not do without over the winter months that I put by? Vegetables. Definitely fresh frozen vegetables. I preserve a lot of other stuff, but I do think the veggies give us the most nutrition during our long winters.

Anonymous said…
I am sorry to read how hard it is for you financially. It weighs on you, doesn't it? No matter how hard you work you just getting deeper in debt. I am glad that you have money for your daughter's piano lesson.

Sending love.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I wish we planted some veggies to preserve like peas but peas do not do well when it goes from cold to hot so quickly. It's cheaper to just buy frozen veg than to buy the veg and freeze it.

Birdie, having so little money is a huge stressor for people and one of my major worries.
Susan said…
I think that tomatoes are the most important thing to can (for me). I dice them, sauce them, make ketchup. I love them because they are idiot-proof! What size jeans does your daughter wear? We have a few really good thrift stores nearby. Pop over to my blog and email me - I'd love to contribute to her wardrobe. Kids grow so darn fast!
Sparkless said…
Susan, thanks so much for your offer. I'm not sure if 16 years old qualifies as a kid so much anymore. I love your blog!

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