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Tests and Waiting

So the husband went for a bunch of tests.  We haven't heard anything yet and he still has to have a bunch more tests.  I guess they are ruling out the bad stuff first.  So we pretty much wait and see.  At least he can still work and hasn't dropped dead  (knock wood).

The son turns 16 on Monday!  Such a big birthday but he's too cool for it.  He doesn't even seem excited about it.  Heck when I turned 16 all I could think about was getting my driver's license.  The In Laws were over last weekend to celebrate the son's the husband's and the Father-in-law's birthdays.  All the boys of the family seem to have their birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other so the In-laws like to celebrate them all together.

My family is having my niece's and my son's birthday Sunday because their birthdays are only a couple of days apart.  I'm pretty much birthdayed out and if one could actually get sick of cake I'd be sick of it.  Too bad in a week we…

The Bad Stuff

Life has been getting me down lately.  The woman who I consider my second mother because we grew up across the street from her and were best friends with her children was diagnosed with cancer.  Her son had recently just finished his second cancer treatment and so far that seems to have worked.  We won't know about my second mom until after her chemo and operation in March. 

Then we find out my MIL is having difficulty of some sort and her Dr is sending her to an oncologist.  She has been having pain in her shoulder and thought the Dr. they were sending her to was a heart Dr.  So the husband and I are waiting until after her appointment to find out what is going on with her.

Like that isn't bad enough the husband comes home tonight and says he had another dizzy spell today at work.  He's been having them for a year or so and figured they were some kind of inner ear thing.  Turns out he had a coworker take his blood pressure (he works at the hospital) and it was high, way t…

Happy Valentines Day, Thank Goodness It's Over!

I used to expect something on Valentines Day.  I used to want some romance and something thoughtful.  I rarely got it so now all I want is chocolate.  I asked for homemade fudge.  Do you think I got any?  Nope.  The husband attempted to make some and it turned into toffee.  He always cooks stuff too long at too high a temperature.  He blamed the candy thermometer and wouldn't attempt to make a second batch.

In his defense he did buy a couple of red roses but left them in the garage overnight and they froze so they are almost black today.  He also picked me up a large coffee from my fave coffee shop.  So I guess this year I can tick off thoughtful.  Forget romance though.  We've been married too long for that plus our house is way too small for anything intimate with two teens home at night.  Enough said on that depressing subject.

The husband and I did supply the kids with a nice card and some candy.  They aren't dating yet so hopefully at some point a girlfriend or a boyfr…

The Ickies Again

Last weekend it was the daughter who was sick.  Not sure if she has some kind of food intolerance to taco seasoning but she had a bit of a cold still too.   We seem to remember another time she was sick after eating tacos.  She missed a day of school and an activity she'd been waiting for.  Poor kid but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Now the son seems to have caught something too.  He had the shivers tonight but our house is very cold inside and drafty so if you have a bit of a temp in this old barn you feel even worse if you don't keep bundled up which of course he didn't.   He was feeling ill after school and I gave him a cup of herbal tea, some oregano oil and an Advil.  That perked him up till dinner time and he said he felt way better.  He was in his room most of the evening and when he came down to say goodnight he said he felt really bad again and was shivering.  I told him to get in bed and go to sleep.  He was in a t-shirt for goodness sakes!  Hopefully he&…

Alive Again

I feel like I'm human again after the head cold from hell.  Lots of tea, vitamin C and D got me over it.  I should have just gone outside to get vitamin D because it's been sunny almost all week.  The husband was feeling blah today so he went for a walk and came back feeling much perkier.  Nothing better than a crisp sunny winter day walk to perk you up.

So our snow is almost gone again and it's been sunny and glorious.  I haven't accomplished a thing on my list.  You know it always comes down to money in the end.  I can't put up new curtains without some type of fabric to make them with.  We don't have access to great second hand shops like larger cities do.  Right now we have $30 in the bank until Friday.  And the son's and the husbands birthdays are coming up one at the end of Feb and the other in early Mar.  That takes care of most of our money that we don't spend on bills and food.  Of course I'd love to get our taxes done early to get our refu…


I've got the worst head cold ever!  I feel like my head is going to explode.  I'll post my before and after junk shelf pics when I recover enough to think straight.