Happy Valentines Day, Thank Goodness It's Over!

I used to expect something on Valentines Day.  I used to want some romance and something thoughtful.  I rarely got it so now all I want is chocolate.  I asked for homemade fudge.  Do you think I got any?  Nope.  The husband attempted to make some and it turned into toffee.  He always cooks stuff too long at too high a temperature.  He blamed the candy thermometer and wouldn't attempt to make a second batch.

In his defense he did buy a couple of red roses but left them in the garage overnight and they froze so they are almost black today.  He also picked me up a large coffee from my fave coffee shop.  So I guess this year I can tick off thoughtful.  Forget romance though.  We've been married too long for that plus our house is way too small for anything intimate with two teens home at night.  Enough said on that depressing subject.

The husband and I did supply the kids with a nice card and some candy.  They aren't dating yet so hopefully at some point a girlfriend or a boyfriend will take over these duties.  The point is to feel that someone loves you on Valentines Day even if it's only your mom and dad.  At least that's the point as I see it.

I know many people blow this day way out of all proportion and that is quite frankly sad for them because they will be perpetually disappointed on this day.  If you don't have a love interest then love yourself or reach out to those whom you love and show them they are appreciated in your life.  And if you really want to up your karma do a kindness for a complete stranger on Valentines Day. 

I think the world could do with a bit more love.


Erin said…
I hear you on that small house/romance thing... THAT made me laugh!!

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