Alive Again

I feel like I'm human again after the head cold from hell.  Lots of tea, vitamin C and D got me over it.  I should have just gone outside to get vitamin D because it's been sunny almost all week.  The husband was feeling blah today so he went for a walk and came back feeling much perkier.  Nothing better than a crisp sunny winter day walk to perk you up.

So our snow is almost gone again and it's been sunny and glorious.  I haven't accomplished a thing on my list.  You know it always comes down to money in the end.  I can't put up new curtains without some type of fabric to make them with.  We don't have access to great second hand shops like larger cities do.  Right now we have $30 in the bank until Friday.  And the son's and the husbands birthdays are coming up one at the end of Feb and the other in early Mar.  That takes care of most of our money that we don't spend on bills and food.  Of course I'd love to get our taxes done early to get our refund but I have to wait till the husband's employer sends out the T4's and they always send them late.  This really bugs me because he works for the hospital and they should be able to get these our earlier.  Grrrr!

That shelf I cleaned off and promised pictures for is pretty anticlimactic since most of the things on the shelf had to stay.  I ended up putting some of the items into the cardboard box and some into the new plastic container.  So now the shelf still has that dang cardboard box that I need to get rid of.  If I could just get enough money to finish some of these chores my life would be perfect.  I need to get another plastic box for that shelf.   Everything fits neatly in two plastic boxes.  I did throw lots of things out and probably could throw more out but one never knows when you will need some of those bulbs, pins, or elastics.

I'm moving on from that shelf to a cupboard we have in the living room.  I'll post a before and after as soon as I have the after complete.  It may take me awhile to get this one done because there is so much stuff shoved into this cupboard.  It used to house our stereo but now we just have a small one so those shelves are full of all the stuff that our small house doesn't have room for like cameras, cords to just about everything in our house, candles, cd's, batteries, playing cards, coasters, and my collection of essential oils.  I'd like to move those to somewhere else so I could at least see them better but that would involve buying a new container for them or some such.  I get tired just thinking about where I can put some of this stuff and what I can get rid of.

 Oh so here are the pics.  I did warn you that it is not that drastic a change but since I promised to post them here they are.

Here's the messy shelf before I cleaned it.   Ignore the bottom shelf with food stuff.  I didn't clean that one off because there is no point, all that stuff would just be put back in there.  We have no cupboards in our house for food so we have to store things where we can.
Here's the table with all the stuff I took off that shelf spread out.  There was lots of stuff on the shelf!
 Clean shelf ready for stuff to be put back on it.  I did wipe the shelf off before putting stuff on it.  I seem to have taken the picture before I wiped the shelf.  sigh
And lastly here is the shelf after I cleaned it off.  As you will notice that cardboard box came back but I will be getting rid of it to get another plastic box or other container to keep everything neat.  It's our junk drawer and houses all those things you can't throw away cause you will need them something.

And that is my junk shelf cleaned off, check!


Mama Pea said…
Yayyyy! She lives! Bad head colds can sure knock ya for a loop. Glad to hear you got over yours. In our area colds like that seem to be going into pneumonia or bronchitis. Ick.

I think you made great progress in cabinet/shelf cleaning. Who cares if you still need that cardboard box in there to hold the misc. stuff? The cabinet has a door to hide the box anyway. More pictures of progress, please. (We all need to be held accountable to someone . . . and all of us here are glad to do it for you. :o])
Erin said…
I hear you on that refund, we were lucky in that the Navy had the earnings out Jan 17 so I filed on the 22nd asap! Glad you are on the mend, I just hate feeling down and out. I don't have any money but have oodles of fabric, wish we lived closer we could spend the day creating something for your windows! The cabinet cleaning looks great!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, oh no you are actually going to hold me accountable?!! Eeep! I'm in trouble now. LOL!

Erin I'm used to not having much money but it's the times when I actually want to get something done and can't that I get down. It's pay day soon though so hopefully I can make a start on some of those curtains. I wished you lived near me too. I'm sure we'd be great friends.

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