Tests and Waiting

So the husband went for a bunch of tests.  We haven't heard anything yet and he still has to have a bunch more tests.  I guess they are ruling out the bad stuff first.  So we pretty much wait and see.  At least he can still work and hasn't dropped dead  (knock wood).

The son turns 16 on Monday!  Such a big birthday but he's too cool for it.  He doesn't even seem excited about it.  Heck when I turned 16 all I could think about was getting my driver's license.  The In Laws were over last weekend to celebrate the son's the husband's and the Father-in-law's birthdays.  All the boys of the family seem to have their birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other so the In-laws like to celebrate them all together.

My family is having my niece's and my son's birthday Sunday because their birthdays are only a couple of days apart.  I'm pretty much birthdayed out and if one could actually get sick of cake I'd be sick of it.  Too bad in a week we'll be eating cake again cause it's the husband's actual birthday.  I have no idea what we are getting him if anything.  There is no money.

We got the son a cell phone even though he says he doesn't want one.  He couldn't think of anything but a laptop and we don't have any money for a laptop.  But, we do own a crappy laptop that has Vista on it and we are going to install Windows 7 on it so that it will run a bit better and set him up with that for now.  If he wants a laptop he'll have to get a job.  And his cell phone he'll have to buy cards for and it hasn't got WiFi on it so no going on line with it.  If he wants that kind of a phone he can get a job and pay for it himself.  It costs $50 a month for the lowest plan.  We only have one cell phone provider here other than one from Eastern Canada and lets just say their customer service is really bad so we are back to only one provider.

My parents are off to Australia next week for six weeks.  They are going with a friend and will travel around a bit and then go stay with my brother and his wife and kids.  This is the second time they've been to Australia and they are really looking forward to going plus they haven't seen those grand kids since they moved there about 3 years ago.  Skype is good but there is nothing like actually being there. 

It's two weeks of school and then my kids will be off for two weeks on their spring break.  I am dreading it because the weather is bad, we have no money, the kids get bored and I end up playing taxi for them and their friends who's parents are at work.  With the price of gas going through the roof I'm not sure how much taxi service I'm going to provide though.  Our finances are in tough shape.  Everything it going up so much and wages are not.  We barely make it month to month as it is and we live bare bones with little extra spending.  I won't bore you all with the details but with all the health problems and add money to that lets just say I'm not a fun person to be around some days.  Most days I'd just like to stay in bed with the covers over my head until it's over but I get up and go about the day as if everything is okay.  What else can one do?  Nothing, so I just add some vodka to my morning juice and carry on (just kidding, I can't afford vodka!).


Mama Pea said…
Doesn't it seem like everything is falling apart at the same time? The economy, peoples' health situations, etc.? It's like you want to yell, "Hey, how about a break here?!"

Gotta say the last line of your post cracked me up. There sure are times when I wish I could lose myself in a cheap bottle of wine. Unfortunately, drinking a wee bit more than I should does nothing but make me feel sick rather than happy or oblivious or wild and crazy. Oh well . . . as you say, who can afford to spend money on alcohol?? :o/ Hang in there, Friend.
judy said…
I came back for a visit,and I find your husband is ill too.well I hope and pray for the best for you and thats its not as bad as my husbands diagnosis .I will visit again,just don't have the time for everyone anymore good luck
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea and Judy. I know that things will improve at some point and I just have to hang in there until they do so I'm trying my best not to let things get me down but some days are harder than others.
Erin said…
I'm so happy to hear he went in for his tests, not knowing is terrible, at least when you know what you are confronted with ( or that it's nothing, in the best case!), you can then make a plan and deal with it. Stress of worrying is not good for you a'tall. We never do birthday gifts here. If there is something that we would like or need and we are able to afford it we just buy it when we are able and say happy holidays - all of 'em!

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