The Ickies Again

Last weekend it was the daughter who was sick.  Not sure if she has some kind of food intolerance to taco seasoning but she had a bit of a cold still too.   We seem to remember another time she was sick after eating tacos.  She missed a day of school and an activity she'd been waiting for.  Poor kid but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Now the son seems to have caught something too.  He had the shivers tonight but our house is very cold inside and drafty so if you have a bit of a temp in this old barn you feel even worse if you don't keep bundled up which of course he didn't.   He was feeling ill after school and I gave him a cup of herbal tea, some oregano oil and an Advil.  That perked him up till dinner time and he said he felt way better.  He was in his room most of the evening and when he came down to say goodnight he said he felt really bad again and was shivering.  I told him to get in bed and go to sleep.  He was in a t-shirt for goodness sakes!  Hopefully he'll have a good nights sleep and I won't be up with him sick in the night.  I hate that and I don't want to get any stomach bugs any more.  Of course the husband is working this weekend.  He is conveniently away every time the kids are sick so he never has to get up with them at night and then be up with them all day too.

Even when they were babies I let him get his sleep so he wouldn't be over tired at work.  I even slept on the couch for the first several months with my babies beside me in the stroller.  After I'd had enough of that dang couch and realized that my kids were not going to sleep through the night any time soon I went back to my bed and if the husband was woken up during the night, I figured too bad.  Took over 7 months for both my kids to actually sleep for 6 hours straight.  I was in such a fog I shouldn't have even driven the car!  LOL!  I'm glad those days are over but I'm sure my teens will give me some more sleepless nights before they move out.

The daughter and I are going to make cookies tomorrow and maybe even clean the bathroom.  There is a couple of spots that someone with a healthy back can reach much better than I can so I'll get her to get those spots.  I'd draft the son to help if he feels well enough.  Those are the exciting weekend plans we make here. 
The weather is just hovering above freezing with rain or sleet.  The snow is going fast and I doubt we'll get much more this winter.  It's onward to Spring!


Mama Pea said…
As you move on to spring time weather, I hope all the germies move out of your house, too. With kids in school, no matter if they're small or teenage, they're bound to come into contact with so many germs. Yuck. And, of course, trying to get them to wear adequate clothing in not-so-nice weather is a challenge, too. I remember those times well! Hope you have a good weekend. (Would you and your daughter come do my bathroom, too?)
Sparkless said…
I'm actually trying to teach my kids to do all the housework. They will need to know how to do all that stuff for themselves one day. The daughter and I will be on the next plane down to clean your bathroom Mama Pea! LOL!
Lucky it seems to be just a 12 hour bug and so far the husband nor I have come down with it.
Erin said…
Poor thing, those shivers are the worst! Hopefully this will leave your house very soon, I know it wears you down quickly taking care of everyone and stressing who it's going to hit next.

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