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I need longer bangs

Do you ever look in the mirror really closely? Well that is your first mistake. Your second mistake is deciding you have been neglecting your eyebrows which have grown into bushes. Your third mistake and the biggest one is to get out the tweezers and start plucking and then not satisfied with those results to take out your small scissors to do some more trimming. And then your hand slips off the ledge it was confidently resting on. Oooops!

Damage is done to your eyebrow. So do you trim it more to even it up? I hear you screaming "DON'T DO IT!" but I do it anyway. So now I have to fix the other eyebrow so they match. Now that is not going well and I'd better just stop before it's too late. Unfortunately I never listen to my own good advise.

Now all I need is longer bangs to hide my newly lopsided and over trimmed eyebrows.

Can you see it?

My head that is. Does it look like it's about to explode? Is there smoke coming out of my ears? I wondered cause I just got home from a board meeting. I don't know why the heck I stay on other than this is a really small town and if I storm out in a huff everyone will know about it in five minutes and talk about me for years. It would ruin any reputation of being a calm person. I can't do that. I have a degree in Psychology for goodness sakes!

I bet you want to know what happened don't you? Well it goes something like this. Hittler (I've written about her before and yes I know it's spelled wrong I just don't want any nut jobs ending up hear after a search for the real guy) is sick so can't make the meeting. She e-mails this info a few hours before the meeting and oh by the way this woman will be making a presentation to the board. Ohhhhhhh if you knew this woman who made the presentation you'd have been sick too! So we have to sit through…


No not tatoos but printer ink. Why is it that every time I go to buy printer ink they never have the kind I need? I need to know cause it's driving me bats! I need to print stuff and I'm out of black ink. One would think if one store doesn't have it another one would. Nope, I live in a stupid small town. There are maybe three stores here that will have printer ink and WalMart was out so I phoned the office supply place, they were out too and the other store was closed. Arrrrrgggg!!

I printed out some stuff in blue ink but it's just not the same. I need that black ink!

And my cat, my big fat orange tabby cat is trying to get on my lap right now. Usually she would be upstairs sleeping but for some reason she thinks it's play time. Play time for her is fun with a pipe cleaner. I don't know why she loves pipe cleaners but it all started one Christmas with a pipe cleaner candy cane. You know the ones that have a red and white pipe cleaners twisted around e…

A bee up my wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

What is with these big black bees? They love to hide in our laundry and then get out and fly around inside the house. They only do this at this time of year and it's annoying because it's become a huge problem which means I end up having to use my dryer.

I guess these bees must be looking for a place to hibernate. Do bees even hibernate? I shake every piece of laundry off after taking it off the clothes line but somehow they hang on the little buggers. I had a few items on the clothes line yesterday and shook them off like a maniac. I'm sure my neighbors think I've lost my mind seeing me out there frantically waving my dry laundry around. I thought I was safe but I was wrong.

I walked into the kitchen this morning and noticed one of these dozy bees on the kitchen floor. Of course as soon as I walked in it headed right up under my robe. I don't know if it was looking for a hiding place or what but I can only imagine what I looked like dancing around yelling w…


Since I can't whine about my cold, which is getting better by the way, I haven't much to talk about. Although something a bit .... can't think of the right word here but you figure it out. My husband and I went to my older sister's house to try to help her get her router network secure. Now my sister lives with this guy who likes to drink. When we came in he looked pretty drunk sitting in his chair with his pj bottoms still on. I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister while my husband worked on the computer when her boyfriend came into the kitchen. I felt some hands on my shoulders gently massaging me. At first I thought it was my husband but quickly realized it wasn't. I smiled at my sister kind of amused and then asked him a question to which I got a totally incoherent reply. It wasn't that he was slurring his words but he totally hadn't understood what I had asked him. He walked out of the kitchen once again patting my back. I smiled again …

Ick, ick and double ICK!

This will be the last post whining about my cold, I promise. You know you've got a bad cold when your husband who snores like a truck driver has to leave the bedroom to sleep in the living room floor. At 3am I woke up and noticed first that snot was dripping down the side of my face, hey I warned you with the title it was icky, and that my husband was missing. I grabbed a tissue and went downstairs to go pee and see where he was. Found him asleep on the living room floor with a blanket. When I asked him what he was doing he replied "you're snoring so loud I couldn't sleep."

You know all these years we've slept together and I've put up with his snoring but if I snore and snore loudly because I have a cold and can't breath and have snot dripping out of my nose and slobber coming out my mouth he has to go sleep in the living room! It was too dark for him to see the snot or drool though so he wouldn't have known about that, thank goodness. What…


My lovely cold had decided to kick my ass. I am now coughing which really hurts my back. My sinuses are clogged so I have a constant headache. One would think that having your husband home would mean some extra loving care but that is just not to be. When he's sick I'll bring him cups of tea and water. I'll make him soup and bring him medication if he wants it. When I'm sick he's annoyed because I can't do anything. I can't talk cause my voice is all messed up too so he has to answer the phone. We don't get alot of calls.

What really annoys me is how he takes out his frustration on the kids. Our daughter had her inoculations today. She had two in one arm and one in the other. Her arms are pretty sore. She was supposed to go to gymnastics but asked if she could skip it. She doesn't ask to skip often and I know what my arm feels like after my flu shot so I can only imagine it's worse when you have three. Husband says no and gets all …

Why me?

Everyone in my house had a slight cold except me. I thought I was not going to get it. I was wrong. Yesterday I noticed a slight sinus pressure and then today, my birthday, my head feels like it's about to explode and my throat hurts. Now it's not too bad yet but it sure put a damper on my birthday. My husband was laughing at me and saying what bad luck I have. Ya, thanks!

So my birthday with my slave for the day was rather curtailed as I spent a big portion sleeping in. We did do something interesting and totally out of the ordinary though. We saw that a house across the street from us was for sale so we phoned and went to see it this afternoon. Well, it would be a good size although one of the bedrooms was really small and had no closet. Part of the basement was finished and there were two bathrooms. But it had the old knob and tube electrical panel and that would have to be changed. The chimney was falling down so the bricks would have to be fixed. All the floor…

The best gift ever

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, the equinox when day and night are equal length. This is the day before my birthday. I don't know what it is about my birthday but I always get cranky now. When I was a kid my birthday was the most special exciting day of the year. It was even better than Christmas because it was all about me! As I get older, my birthday became about unmet expectations and disappointment.

How do you keep that same level of excitement going each year for 40 plus years? So you start getting yourself worked up over little things like having the perfect cake or doing something fun. It's about making the day special to stand out from all the other usual days. So you pick a cake and make someone else bake it for you. You invite some family and friends over to share the cake and they even bring gifts. You eat the cake open the gifts and enjoy the company but even that loses it's luster after a few years.

How can I make my next birthday a special one? S…


I did something unspeakable, something so awful it will scar my son for life. I'm almost too ashamed to tell you. It was yesterday as I was folding the laundry. I don't know how it happened. I didn't do it on purpose, really I didn't. They must have fallen out of my arms as I was carrying them out of the room. snicker snort heehee

Now picture this a 13 year old boy, a couple of bras and another 13 year old boy. Do you get the picture? Yup, they were on his bed, totally by accident and not touching any of his stuff, just innocently lying there until it happened.

Poor kid must have been mortified to have a friend over and find his mom's bras lying on his bed. LOL!!! Lucky for him my bras are small and I've no need of under wire cause it could have been alot worse.

Want to know the really funny part cause I haven't even got to it yet. When I saw my bras just laying out on the dryer where my son had put them to get them out of his room I actually thoug…

Something slippery and wet

No, not that! Get your brains out of the gutter for goodness sakes! I was greeted this morning by my cat who left me a fur ball treat to step on. Nothing worse than waking up, stumbling out of bed to step on something cold, slippery and wet. Icky! At least it wasn't on the carpet.

Today I have chores outside to do but the weather is a bit blustery and keeps spitting rain. So I gave up trying to do any outside chores and came in. I have tons of typing to do for my board that I'm on but I've been procrastinating that all weekend. I'll do it later. LOL!

So far I've got a couple loads of laundry done and got the dishwasher cleaned out. I've also cleaned the bathroom, washed the kitchen floor and wiped down the appliances. I still have a few more loads of laundry to do and then I have to fold the clothes and put them away.

Dinner tonight will be..... I have no idea. I'm so not a cook. It's one of the chores that makes me break out in a cold sweat.…

It's Official!

As I read back over my posts in the blog I've become a cranky opinionated old lady!! When did that happen? I am aware of the passing of years but I've never thought of myself as cranky and opinionated before. Anyone reading this please be aware that this is not the whole of who I am. I usually use this blog to vent so there are more cranky posts than happy ones which only really says what I like to blog about.

I blog but I am not my blog.

So it's another sunny day, a bit hot for my liking but still nice. Kids are just about to come home from school and I've got these last few minutes to myself. I should be doing a zillion other things but my husband is working for the next four days so I'll have few moments to myself. I get so tired being a single parent. I don't know how real single parents do it. I'm a mess after four days and my kids are both school age now! I remember when they were little and I was on my own for days and days and I'd feel …


No I don't have it but I heard on the news tonight that a bunch of kids and and some adults may have got it from a petting zoo at the PNE. They had hand washing stations too. I guess some people have no idea how to wash their hands.

Now here's the thing I don't understand. Why would you bring a baby or toddler to a petting zoo? The animals poo and pee everywhere and these little kids sit and play in the wood shavings on the floor!! Not to mention pick up poo. Plus they put their fingers in their mouths all the time and unless you can be 100% sure your child won't put a finger in their mouth until you have their hands washed then you shouldn't be going to the petting zoo.

I mean when did we decide that animals are now good entertainment for babies? I would never bring my baby into a petting zoo. For one babies can't really control their actions and I wouldn't want my baby to hurt one of the animals or the animal to hurt my baby. Second the poo factor…

Cricket in my undies

I've read that the Chinese keep crickets as pets because they are considered to be bearers of good luck. I certainly hope this is true because as I reached for my clean undies today to put them on I noticed this.

I don't know how this cricket got all the way up into my underwear drawer but there he or she was hiding.

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but I was trying to hold my underwear up and show the cricket who kept running back under folds of the cloth to stay hidden. And please no comments about the size, type or color of my underwear!

I can only hope that he brings me and my underwear great luck!

Demise of good behavior

What is wrong with people today? Seems to be so many rude and classless people on the tv lately. First it was a congressman called President Obama a liar right in the middle of his speech. Then Kanye West jumps up and does his thing while poor Taylor Swift is trying to give her acceptance speech. And it's not just stars and congressmen it's sports people too with Serena Williams' foul mouthed tirade at a judge.

Do people have no respect at all? Don't they have a clue how their behavior reflects badly on them? No matter if you thought President Obama is a liar, shouting it out during his speech tells us more about the shouter than the President. Jumping up to take the mike out of the hand and telling us how another video should have won tells us someone needs to take their ADHD medication pronto. And to foul mouth a judge at a tennis match well at least she's being sanctioned for it now. I only wish the other two fools could be sent away to learn some good …

Pure Rant

I have to get this off my chest and this is the perfect place to do it. Any names have been changed to protect the guilty!

I'm on this board of directors for a sporting group my daughter belongs to. There is this other woman lets call her B. I'm losing all patience with this woman. She keeps complaining that she does too much work and won't take anymore but she keeps doing things that other people should be doing. Instead of giving the work to the proper person to do she does it herself then complains about it. Normally I try to stay out of petty bickering but this woman takes it to a new all time high. Not only can't she keep her mouth quiet but she complains about other people constantly without any self awareness that she's doing anything wrong.

B seems to have some kind of personality disorder like bipolar or something because some days she's fine and then other times she's totally off her nut and has even threatened to quit. Like she'd ever …

Ahhhh lovely Sunday evening

I'm kind ashamed to admit it but I love Sunday night cause I know my kids are going back to school the next day. I know all you perfect mom's are disgusted cause I don't live for my kids. Sure I love them to death but I have a life too and when you have spent the last 13 years taking care of them it's time for some me time. So not only do I get to send them to bed early and have some me time then but they get up and are off to school early the next day! Ahhh it's a slice of heaven.

It's been hot again here during the day and although it cools off at night we don't have any breezes so it's back to a/c during the daytime. This house will not cool off at night without a/c and several fans even if it's 10C at night. We don't have any windows, well we do have some but none that actually open.

We have one large window in the living room that doesn't open and that's it for that room. One window in the kitchen that an a/c unit is crammed …


Remember when I promised to post pictures here? I know you don't cause there is no "you." LOL! I still haven't gotten around to posting any pictures and I'm not sure if I'd know how but today I am going to attemp to do it.

Here is a picture of the view out our kitchen window.

One would think you would want to keep your delicates (the bra!) out of the sun and the neighbours view but it doesn't seem to bother our neighbours at all. We are going to have to draw the blinds in the morning so we can eat our breakfast without having peoples underwear drying in our faces! Oh and if you looked to the right you got a view of a thong hanging there!!! Ewwwwww!!

Having a drink at the end of a long week

The week is over and next week will start with both kids off to school. I'll get some quiet time on my own again. Unfortunately I won't get time off from the board I belong to but I can handle that for now.

So the week is gone and the weekend is looming. I'm so tired I could drop but I can't quite sleep yet. I need to unwind all that energy and put it to bed first. I tried going for a long walk but that didn't work. I tried some yummy foods but that didn't work. So now I'm having a drink. I know that will work.

I'll try meditation next time but for now my apple cider will have to do.

Crap day

A few days ago things looked rosy. My daughter got the teacher we wanted and her best friend was in her class. My son was starting high school and seems to have no nerves about it. The board I'm on seem to have it's stuff together and was working towards hiring a new employee.

Well it didn't last long. They moved my daughter's best friend into the other class. These two girls have been together since preschool. And to make a bad situation worse the way they did it makes me want to smack someone in the face. The principal called six girls to his office and asked if any of them wanted to change to the other class. None of them did so he told them three of them have to go to the other class and he would draw names. He picked six girls who were really good friends and did not want to be separated. Of course there were tears involved and I wonder if this principal has any idea of what he is doing or has any idea what kids are like. He sure missed the boat on this…

The real reason for the high divorce rates

I can barely lift my arm up to fold the clothes and put them away. This unrelenting tiredness must go away soon cause I can't take much more. Oh and my husband of course is working all weekend, Monday and for a few more days. This means all this long weekend before school starts I'm on my own. I'm on my own to get the kids organized and off to school next week too. Why does he take shifts when it's busy here? Why am I always on my own to do all this crap and the only days he's ever off are the ones the kids are at school or camp? I think he has an ulterior motive and I'm getting a bit tired of it. The kids are almost grown up and he's missed most of it. Stupid man. He actually thinks he spends lots of time with his kids and is a great dad.

Why do dad's get to get off so lightly on the parenting thing? They can spend a couple of minutes with their kids a day and think they are doing a great job. If all you have to do is love a child to be a gr…

12 am and I can't sleep

I can't sleep. I don't even want to go to sleep cause then I'll have to wake up. I love quiet evenings when everyone is in bed and I don't have to do anything. There is something so peaceful about evening when the kids are in bed. I don't want to waste a minute of that time sleeping. But then I think morning will come and I'll have two kids at me and I won't be at my best and the day won't go well. I want the day to go well, really I do.

Mornings are the worst time of day for me. I wake up and every bone in my body hurts. I can barely crawl out of bed. My eyes are puffy and red too. I don't feel like eating in the morning but if I don't I start to feel nauseous. So after hauling my aching body out of bed, washing the sleep out of my eyes, popping my contacts in, and having a shower I try to stuff some food into my unhungry body. I know I must be hungry but I really don't feel like eating in the morning, never have.

Some days the ac…

I am woefully inadequate!

I love to read other people's blogs and find that many of the best ones are always referring to people or things I have no idea about. This means I have to stop and look up info about someone or something. This in turn makes me feel frustrated and inadequate. Like how do these people ever have enough time to learn all this popular culture crap on top of having a job, life, family etc? No, really I want to know. How do they do it?

I'm thinking they really must be some loser that sits on the computer all day long and makes stuff up to look really smart and cultured. I don't have time to read a zillion books and even when I do read a book I'd be hard pressed to remember the author's name or even the name of the book. And there are all the political references that drive me bats.

I wonder if it's just me or maybe my gray matter is getting really old. I don't seem to be able to retain information anymore. And if that isn't disturbing enough I don…

What was I thinking?!!

What the heck was I thinking when I let them convince me to stay on for another year? I'm on a board of directors of a non-profit group and lets just say it's interesting. Tonight for example our president brings his girlfriend to our board meeting. Ummmm this meeting is a closed one where we are talking about wages and stuff. Does anyone say anything? Nope. I don't know about you but I don't think I'd be happy if someone who has no reason to knew my wages and private contract information.

So now I'm put in a difficult position. Do I say something or not? I live in a very small town so going around pissing people off or upsetting the applecart doesn't get you very far. So instead I just e-mailed the mouth piece of the group and asked her what she thinks about it. I'm kind hoping she'll say something to someone and this will all get back to the proper person who will then not bring his girlfriend to meetings anymore. Oh, and just so you kno…