No I don't have it but I heard on the news tonight that a bunch of kids and and some adults may have got it from a petting zoo at the PNE. They had hand washing stations too. I guess some people have no idea how to wash their hands.

Now here's the thing I don't understand. Why would you bring a baby or toddler to a petting zoo? The animals poo and pee everywhere and these little kids sit and play in the wood shavings on the floor!! Not to mention pick up poo. Plus they put their fingers in their mouths all the time and unless you can be 100% sure your child won't put a finger in their mouth until you have their hands washed then you shouldn't be going to the petting zoo.

I mean when did we decide that animals are now good entertainment for babies? I would never bring my baby into a petting zoo. For one babies can't really control their actions and I wouldn't want my baby to hurt one of the animals or the animal to hurt my baby. Second the poo factor and how do you keep a baby from playing with all the fun stuff on the floor of a petting zoo? And lastly is it really fair to these animals to have a bunch of wild kids running around an getting wacked by some? I've seen little kids just haul off and smack some of these animals and no one stops them.

I think parents now don't use their brains at all and just expect the world to take care of their child. They think everything should be safe for their baby but that's just not going to happen. Maybe there should be age limits for kids at petting zoos like kids have to be at least 5 years old to go in one and they must be accompanied by an adult or staff member to keep both the child and the animals safe. Then afterwards the child and parent is supervised during their handwashing so make sure they do it well enough.

I'm all for kids getting to experience animals but farm animals are not like dogs and cats and these parents should be feeling some guilt for taking their babies into a petting zoo and for not washing their hands properly. I wonder if the petting zoo will be shut down next year. Funny how it's always a few that ruin things for the many.


MarmiteToasty said…
We, over here in this last few weeks have had 4 petting farms closed due to kids getting very poorly with salmonella..... it is a strange one..... ya want ya nippers to have fun and experience these places when little, but on the other side, its a hive of germs and poo and pee..... I suppose most of it is down to the parents and how clean they make the nippers wash their hands....


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