Crap day

A few days ago things looked rosy. My daughter got the teacher we wanted and her best friend was in her class. My son was starting high school and seems to have no nerves about it. The board I'm on seem to have it's stuff together and was working towards hiring a new employee.

Well it didn't last long. They moved my daughter's best friend into the other class. These two girls have been together since preschool. And to make a bad situation worse the way they did it makes me want to smack someone in the face. The principal called six girls to his office and asked if any of them wanted to change to the other class. None of them did so he told them three of them have to go to the other class and he would draw names. He picked six girls who were really good friends and did not want to be separated. Of course there were tears involved and I wonder if this principal has any idea of what he is doing or has any idea what kids are like. He sure missed the boat on this.

My son came home with a nonexistent schedule. He had no idea if they were going to figure out their schedules from all those numbers on his piece of paper. Supposedly one could figure it out from what he was given but I looked and believe me I have a university degree and couldn't make heads or tails out of it. This son of mine would rather live in ignorance and have an elephant sit on his head than ask a simple question.

And then there are the totally dysfunctional people on the board. Can they just hire an employee the normal way? Noooooooo They have to have so many meetings and secrets and back biting and make promises that they have no authority to make. It just takes my breath away at the unbelievable way certain members think they can behave and get away with it. Rules, bah, we don't have to follow those. By-laws, ack, those aren't for us those are for other people we can do whatever we want when ever we want. I'm about ready to report the society and watch certain of the board members squirm. Of course I won't and I'll continue to try to keep my mouth shut and just do what I'm asked but it's so hard. So be prepared to endure many more of my rants about this board. It's the only way I can stay marginally sane.

Oh, and to top everything off after being home alone with the kids for 5 days in a row. Five very busy stressful days with school starting and the board problems, my husband walks in and starts to behave like an idiot. I felt like clubbing him to death. What would have been nice is for him to walk in take a few minutes to suss up what the mood of the house was and then give me a hug. Instead he comes in criticising and I honestly almost lost it. The last thing in the world I needed right then was one more idiot to have to deal with.

I am happy to report that I didn't club anyone to death nor did I pop an artery in anger and frustration. Today both kids went to school all day and I made idiot husband get up with them and get them off to school. Now I just need to stock up on booze for the next time.

Dang! Every time I read a post I find typos in them and feel compelled to correct them so as not to look stupid. It just occurred to me that reading this blog makes me look stupid and not the typos so much. UG! One more thing to worry about!!


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