Ahhhh lovely Sunday evening

I'm kind ashamed to admit it but I love Sunday night cause I know my kids are going back to school the next day. I know all you perfect mom's are disgusted cause I don't live for my kids. Sure I love them to death but I have a life too and when you have spent the last 13 years taking care of them it's time for some me time. So not only do I get to send them to bed early and have some me time then but they get up and are off to school early the next day! Ahhh it's a slice of heaven.

It's been hot again here during the day and although it cools off at night we don't have any breezes so it's back to a/c during the daytime. This house will not cool off at night without a/c and several fans even if it's 10C at night. We don't have any windows, well we do have some but none that actually open.

We have one large window in the living room that doesn't open and that's it for that room. One window in the kitchen that an a/c unit is crammed in so we can't open that. A small window in the bathroom and a couple small windows upstairs. Not only don't we get any fresh air but very little natural light. I'm sure we could have a great mushroom farm in here.

If I had enough money to make some changes to this house I'd add two more window into the living room that opened, another window in the kitchen, a window at the end of the hallway. That way we'd get tons of light and be able to open some windows to get a cross breeze going. We open our doors but at night we can't leave them open and I don't really like being home without the husband and having both doors open. I always think someone may sneak in while I'm in the bathroom. And in fact it's happened once before that a man came in the back door while my husband was home with the kids. I'm sure he wanted to see what he could grab before anyone noticed. He didn't care that the lights were on and people were home he was drunk. I'm just glad it was my husband home at the time and not me who had to deal with him. He told him to get out and then phone the police who picked him up in the alley a little while later. Turns out he has an extensive record.

So you can't even leave your windows or doors open for air and not be worried about some stupid sod wanting to come steal your stuff or kill you. So keep your doors and windows locked even if you may roast in your skin, and thus why we need a/c.

Looks to be another sunny week coming up and I'm hoping to get the rest of the tomatoes in the freezer and maybe start to clean out some of the gardens that the weeds have taken over in. I refuse to do weeding when it's 40C outside which is most of the summer here and I live in Canada for goodness sakes! I'm too tired to check for any typos so if you see any ignore them.


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