It's Official!

As I read back over my posts in the blog I've become a cranky opinionated old lady!! When did that happen? I am aware of the passing of years but I've never thought of myself as cranky and opinionated before. Anyone reading this please be aware that this is not the whole of who I am. I usually use this blog to vent so there are more cranky posts than happy ones which only really says what I like to blog about.

I blog but I am not my blog.

So it's another sunny day, a bit hot for my liking but still nice. Kids are just about to come home from school and I've got these last few minutes to myself. I should be doing a zillion other things but my husband is working for the next four days so I'll have few moments to myself. I get so tired being a single parent. I don't know how real single parents do it. I'm a mess after four days and my kids are both school age now! I remember when they were little and I was on my own for days and days and I'd feel so lost and exhausted. No one to help me or give me a break.

Oh now that deteriorated quickly didn't it? Hmmm maybe today is not the day to try to be Mary Sunshine, so I'll blog off now.


MarmiteToasty said…
I became a total single parent when my sons were 16, 14, 9 and 6.... and I mean totally single financially and emotionally.... he walked without a look back at his sons..... no weekend breaks for me like many single parents.... 24/7 for all these years....

no wonder Im bloody knackered LOL

Sparkless said…
Oh goodness Marmite that must have been hard and still must. Doesn't your gov't make the dad's pay child support?
I'm exhausted and I have a partner. I just wish he didn't work every weekend.

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