No not tatoos but printer ink. Why is it that every time I go to buy printer ink they never have the kind I need? I need to know cause it's driving me bats! I need to print stuff and I'm out of black ink. One would think if one store doesn't have it another one would. Nope, I live in a stupid small town. There are maybe three stores here that will have printer ink and WalMart was out so I phoned the office supply place, they were out too and the other store was closed. Arrrrrgggg!!

I printed out some stuff in blue ink but it's just not the same. I need that black ink!

And my cat, my big fat orange tabby cat is trying to get on my lap right now. Usually she would be upstairs sleeping but for some reason she thinks it's play time. Play time for her is fun with a pipe cleaner. I don't know why she loves pipe cleaners but it all started one Christmas with a pipe cleaner candy cane. You know the ones that have a red and white pipe cleaners twisted around each other and then bent on the end so they look like a candy cane. She got one off our tree and her love affair started there. Now I go out and buy pipe cleaners for the cat to play with cause the cat nip mice just don't cut it. Which reminds me I need to buy some more pipe cleaners cause the one she's playing with right now is looking a bit the worse for wear.

Maybe the craft store will have some printer ink, one can always hope. I'd fill my printer cartridge myself with those kits but if I do that and ruin my printer, which is a new one, then it voids my warranty. So I'll wait until my printer has run out of warranty before I try those refill printer ink kits.

Ohhhh and I'm a lucky lady today. I just got a kiss and hug from my 6ft tall 13 year old son on his way out the door to school!


Kate said…
Aw the pipe cleaners sounds so cute!

Kate x

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