The best gift ever

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall, the equinox when day and night are equal length. This is the day before my birthday. I don't know what it is about my birthday but I always get cranky now. When I was a kid my birthday was the most special exciting day of the year. It was even better than Christmas because it was all about me! As I get older, my birthday became about unmet expectations and disappointment.

How do you keep that same level of excitement going each year for 40 plus years? So you start getting yourself worked up over little things like having the perfect cake or doing something fun. It's about making the day special to stand out from all the other usual days. So you pick a cake and make someone else bake it for you. You invite some family and friends over to share the cake and they even bring gifts. You eat the cake open the gifts and enjoy the company but even that loses it's luster after a few years.

How can I make my next birthday a special one? Should I go skinny dipping, should I charter a helicopter to take me to a mountain top for lunch (ya you can really do that here) or do I spend the day relaxing? I'm finding it frustrating to think of something satisfying. A long time ago I used to write all my "first times" down. I was always amazed that an adult could still experience so many firsts. Like the first time I had a drink in a beer garden. Or the first time I'd seen an eagle in a local park.

All those firsts led me to think about my mortality and how much time I had left to live. I'm not afraid to die, that doesn't bother me, it's the living a life that's filled with meaning that's important to me. Living a life that makes sense and fills me with satisfaction is more important than any first time.

The gifts don't mean much anymore either. Seems to be just a bunch of junk I don't want and no matter how much I tell people don't bother with a gift just come over and have a piece of cake, I still get some gifts.

This year we have little money for gifts so that makes it even more difficult for my husband to come up with something. He always asks me what I want and then goes out to buy it. This pissed me off after several years of him doing it cause it's not really about the gift it's about the thought. If I tell him what I want and he buys it then he's not had to think about it at all. He's not had to think about all the things I like and enjoy and struggle to find something suitable and within our budget, like I do all the time for him.

So this year I asked for the best thing I could think of that we can afford. I told my husband I wanted him to be my slave for the day. HA! He will have to do everything I ask for an entire day. He'll have to give me a massage as long as I like. He'll have to do any chore I ask and he can't whine or put it off either. If I want to go shopping or out for coffee he's got to come with me. In other words he's got to spend the day with me like he actually enjoys my company. LOL! Yes, that's what being married for 19 years will do to a relationship.

So now I just need to think of some things I've wanted him to get to and have him do them. Like wiping down all the cobwebs that gather in the corners of the ceiling and I have to get a chair to get at and he doesn't. Or weeding this one area of the garden that is getting way too wild. And we really need a new door knob for the front door so I may go out and buy one for him to put in on my birthday. To not struggle with my key in the front door would be a pleasure.

Of course he has to make a chocolate cheese cake from scratch. No bought cake for me. Actually cheese cake it really easy to make and he's a pretty good cook so no worries there. So my birthday is warming up a bit with all my plans. Could be this slave for the day thing becomes the best gift ever.


MarmiteToasty said…
I never had birthdays as a child, and when married my tosser X never bothered with my birthday either.... it was not until I was a single parent that my lads realised I didnt have birthdays, and so thats when mine that was a first for me..

If it was not for me lads I really wouldnt bother celebrating it LOL..... I have had more gift over the past 3 years from blob maties then I have ever had in all my 52 years of life LOL....

Kate said…
Good plan - have a lovely birthday!

Kate x
Sparkless said…
Marmite everyone deserves a good birthday. I'm glad your boys and maties are there to make yours a special one.

Thanks Kate, I think I shall.
MarmiteToasty said…
Squashed tomatoes and stew...
Bread and Butter in the gutter..

Traditional English birthday rap LOL

hope you have a cracking day, filled with love and laughter...


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