Since I can't whine about my cold, which is getting better by the way, I haven't much to talk about. Although something a bit .... can't think of the right word here but you figure it out. My husband and I went to my older sister's house to try to help her get her router network secure. Now my sister lives with this guy who likes to drink. When we came in he looked pretty drunk sitting in his chair with his pj bottoms still on. I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister while my husband worked on the computer when her boyfriend came into the kitchen. I felt some hands on my shoulders gently massaging me. At first I thought it was my husband but quickly realized it wasn't. I smiled at my sister kind of amused and then asked him a question to which I got a totally incoherent reply. It wasn't that he was slurring his words but he totally hadn't understood what I had asked him. He walked out of the kitchen once again patting my back. I smiled again at my sister amused that he was kinda drunk and not really knowing what he was doing. She just smiled back and shrugged.

Now this guy isn't a bad guy at all. It's just that he's an alcoholic. This is a pattern for my sister of picking guys like this. She is in her late 40's now and has never been married although she has a daughter with another guy who was another alcoholic loser. Now what makes this all even sadder is my sister is a social worker and really should know better. I just fear that her retirement years will be wasted with this guy who doesn't like to go out of the house much and stays home and drinking.

She is planning her retirement with this guy. They have been together for 3 years now and own the house together. She has a good paying job and really doesn't need him for money. I just wish she'd pick less damaged partners. Cause no matter how old I get I worry about her even if she is my big sister.


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