What was I thinking?!!

What the heck was I thinking when I let them convince me to stay on for another year? I'm on a board of directors of a non-profit group and lets just say it's interesting. Tonight for example our president brings his girlfriend to our board meeting. Ummmm this meeting is a closed one where we are talking about wages and stuff. Does anyone say anything? Nope. I don't know about you but I don't think I'd be happy if someone who has no reason to knew my wages and private contract information.

So now I'm put in a difficult position. Do I say something or not? I live in a very small town so going around pissing people off or upsetting the applecart doesn't get you very far. So instead I just e-mailed the mouth piece of the group and asked her what she thinks about it. I'm kind hoping she'll say something to someone and this will all get back to the proper person who will then not bring his girlfriend to meetings anymore. Oh, and just so you know this is a much older person who is well versed in proper meeting etiquette and our groups by-laws. So he really should know better.

I should have left the board this spring when my term was up but I was begged to stay because no one else was going to do my job. Where would they find another person to do my job? Everyone else on the board was a bunch of lazy loafers who don't do anything and if you leave I'll be the only one working. So I felt bad and because my daughter is involved with the group I said I'd stay on. Now I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking at the time? My brain went walk about or something that day.

And it's September now so turn down the dang heat will ya?!!! Why are we still having temps in the high 30's? Every time I look at the thermometer it's over 35C out there. It's not cooling down at night either. GAH!! Begone summer and let fall come on in.

Plus, I have nothing interesting to blog about. I'm boring even to myself. Sheesh!


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