The real reason for the high divorce rates

I can barely lift my arm up to fold the clothes and put them away. This unrelenting tiredness must go away soon cause I can't take much more. Oh and my husband of course is working all weekend, Monday and for a few more days. This means all this long weekend before school starts I'm on my own. I'm on my own to get the kids organized and off to school next week too. Why does he take shifts when it's busy here? Why am I always on my own to do all this crap and the only days he's ever off are the ones the kids are at school or camp? I think he has an ulterior motive and I'm getting a bit tired of it. The kids are almost grown up and he's missed most of it. Stupid man. He actually thinks he spends lots of time with his kids and is a great dad.

Why do dad's get to get off so lightly on the parenting thing? They can spend a couple of minutes with their kids a day and think they are doing a great job. If all you have to do is love a child to be a great dad then I guess he is but if you actually have to do something like spend some actual time with your kids then he's missing the boat there.

I do try to make him do stuff like yesterday I made him take our son to get a haircut. He tried to get out of it too. He spent the day messing with his guitar and painting a painting. Both kids were home but he barely looked at them. Family day doesn't happen here cause my husband can't get along in groups. He has poor social skills like most men. He tends to like to sit around while all the women do the work. Like when we go for holiday meals at my parents house. The women cook the meal, the women look after the kids, the women clean up the meal. The men sit around and chat or watch tv.

There should be a rule that if you don't cook the meal you have to clean up no matter what your gender. Sheesh and we think we have a come a long way us women. We've come a long way to get to now work outside the home and we get to do all the work at home too. The guys get to go to work and have their slave at home and have more money to spend on themselves! Selfish oafs! Yes, you too over there, you're a man aren't you? I see you there lurking. I know you read this and I know you are a man. You need to shape up and do your share of work. You need to make you wife, kids and family chores a priority. Cutting the lawn once a week is not equal to doing the dishes every night. Taking the garbage out once a week is not equal to making meals every day several times a day. I know you are trying to get away with doing the least amount of work but us women aren't stupid. We know you are shirking you duties and it's pissing us off. And that's the real reason for the high divorce rate. It's because women are pissed off at their husbands for not doing their share of the work at home.


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