Why me?

Everyone in my house had a slight cold except me. I thought I was not going to get it. I was wrong. Yesterday I noticed a slight sinus pressure and then today, my birthday, my head feels like it's about to explode and my throat hurts. Now it's not too bad yet but it sure put a damper on my birthday. My husband was laughing at me and saying what bad luck I have. Ya, thanks!

So my birthday with my slave for the day was rather curtailed as I spent a big portion sleeping in. We did do something interesting and totally out of the ordinary though. We saw that a house across the street from us was for sale so we phoned and went to see it this afternoon. Well, it would be a good size although one of the bedrooms was really small and had no closet. Part of the basement was finished and there were two bathrooms. But it had the old knob and tube electrical panel and that would have to be changed. The chimney was falling down so the bricks would have to be fixed. All the flooring on the main level needed to be changed cause it kind of stunk. We wondered why the house was such a low price and now we know. Oh, and it had all that nasty wood paneling that makes rooms so dark and dingy looking. It's kind of too bad cause it was almost perfect for use being that our house would sell for a similar price and all.

My husband is so not a Mr. Fix-It kind of guy so any work that needed to be done would be even more expensive. One kind of strange thing about this house was it had this upstairs that was totally not redone. Looked like it was from when the house was build in the 1930's. One window actually had the old wood window. Then there was a large bedroom full of that icky panelling. Like I said the size wasn't too bad but the inside needed so much work and we can't afford that. Oh well it was fun to look.

The realtor is coming to our house tomorrow to see what we could get for it. We decided to maybe start the selling process plus he was going to bring info on some other houses in the area. I doubt there is anything we want but we'll see. We really need a bigger house, we have been busting at the seams since we had that second baby 11 years ago!!!

Now if I could just win the lottery I'd say my birthday was perfect but this cold is really doing a number on my spirits.


Kate said…
Poor you - feel better soon. I think you should get extra slave time to compensate for being sick on your birthday.

Kate xx
Sparkless said…
Ya, extra slave time!

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