I need longer bangs

Do you ever look in the mirror really closely? Well that is your first mistake. Your second mistake is deciding you have been neglecting your eyebrows which have grown into bushes. Your third mistake and the biggest one is to get out the tweezers and start plucking and then not satisfied with those results to take out your small scissors to do some more trimming. And then your hand slips off the ledge it was confidently resting on. Oooops!

Damage is done to your eyebrow. So do you trim it more to even it up? I hear you screaming "DON'T DO IT!" but I do it anyway. So now I have to fix the other eyebrow so they match. Now that is not going well and I'd better just stop before it's too late. Unfortunately I never listen to my own good advise.

Now all I need is longer bangs to hide my newly lopsided and over trimmed eyebrows.


Kate said…
I always get a salon to wax mine - too many times I have ended up with virtually no eyebrows or very uneven ones!

Kate x
Sparkless said…
Ya but that costs money which I don't have. Plus it's way more fun to do it yourself. NOT!!!!
Hi, just called over from Kate's site!
Oh NO! Not the dreaded waxing! I once tried to do it myself...and Never Will I Ever Do It Again! It was the stuff that you put in the microwave, and honestly, it was everywhere! I was picking it out of places that it had no business to be for about a week later! My eyebrows are so scrawney that I had to have the salon sort them out for me! And don't get me started on those eyelash dying kits! Panda eyes had nothing on the sight that I became! And that took six weeks to get rid of!

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