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Good Bye 2011

The year is almost over and I'm kinda glad to see the back end of it.  It's not like anything major bad happened but nothing really good did either.  It was a hum drum year and I'd like a bit of zing please.

It looks like the son and I will be the only two home unless he decides to go to a friends house.  I don't want anyone over here cause I'm tired and want to lounge in my jammies eating junk food all night and watching movies.  Heck if I have to spend New Year's eve alone I'm doing it my way.

Hopefully the son and I can do our year in review where we write down everything we can remember that happened in 2011.  We'll use the old calendar to jog our memories too.  It's fun to see what things stuck in each person's mind.  Everyone remembers different things. 

I'll try to post something New Years Day or even on New Years Eve but in case I don't get around to it I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  May 2012 be a very happy pros…

Christmas Wrap-up

I've been reading about every one's Christmas but I haven't written about ours.  Here's how our day went.  The husband got up at 5:30am because he had to work Christmas day.  The rest of us got up at 6am so we could all open presents before he had to go to work.  I kept telling the kids they could go back to bed or take a nap afterwards.  They both declined the nap.  I on the other hand went back to bed at 8am and tried to sleep.  The phone rang several times and I had to talk to people.  Finally gave up getting much sleep around 11am.  The kids were playing games and doing whatever it is that teens do.  I had a shower and ate lunch.  The kids had already eaten.

There were a few games that my daughter needed help setting up so I did that.  Then we got busy cleaning up all the boxes and bags and bows.  I made them fold the tissue paper this year.  We washed all the new bowls and cups we got and had hot chocolate.  Sat around some more and played on the Wii with the kids…

Passport Saga Continues

Can you believe that out of four passports only one was good to go?  The lady rejected my picture so I had to go back to WalMart and have it retaken.  Not my fault.  On the kid's passports I am the person actually getting the passport and my sister wrote how long she'd know the kids and not me so that had to come home to be corrected.  Totally not my fault.  I did get mine and the husband's sent off after I had my pics redone. 
Nothing like driving 45min on winter roads to get to the gov't office only to have to bring two of the forms back to be corrected.  I still haven't gone back to send the kids' in.  I could mail them but I think I'll just wait until next week and take them.  Then I can take advantage of some Boxing Week sales.  Okay I'm fantasizing now cause I have no money so even if stuff is on sale for an awesome price I can't afford it.

This year has been an especially tough year for money.  I know there are many of you having the same tro…

We Have Snow

It decided to snow today, not a lot but enough to cover the ground.  Now I love snow and don't even mind driving in it, I live in BC, you know the place with mountains, big mountains.  So of course I had to drive up a huge mountain to take my son to his violin recital.  As we drove up the road the snow was coming down and there was fog so you couldn't see very far in front of your car or even tell where on the road your car was.  I kept wondering if I was on my side of the road which worried the son.  He kept telling me I was in the middle of the road to which I replied  "better that than in the ditch!"  LOL!  I guess I should keep those thoughts to myself when I'm driving with the kids. 

Lucky for us the snow stopped fairly soon and by the time we had to go home it had stopped completely.  So now we have this lovely white layer of clean snow.  It's supposed to snow a bit for the next few days so it looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all.  Not …

Feeling Kind of Out of It

That's how I'm feeling lately.  It's like I've missed the bus and am left standing there with no idea how I'm going to get to where I want to go.  I've done all of my Christmas shopping, we have our tree up, we have some baking done and everything is fine.  I'm just not feeling it this year.  I'm not grumpy just this absence of any feeling really.

I love sitting curled up on the couch while it snows.  I love looking at our Christmas tree and wrapping presents.  I usually love all that Christmas stuff but this year it's taking me longer to get off the ground.  I've done all the right things so whats the problem?  Is it that I'm old and Christmas isn't a big deal anymore?  Is it because the kids are teens and don't believe in Santa anymore?  Is it because the husband and I aren't getting each other gifts?  Is it the lack of snow?  I have no idea but maybe it's a combination of all of those things.

So tonight when everyone else …

The Shame

Canada is the first country to drop out of the Kyoto Accord.  It's not like most countries were doing much about cleaning up their acts and Canada is one of the worst offenders but do we have to be first to jump ship?  I am very ashamed of my country and our lack of environmental protection.  For goodness sakes politicians the Earth is our home and if we don't take care of it it won't last for our children or their progeny.

Yes, I jumped on the letter writing bandwagon for all the good it will do.  I voted too for all the good it did.  I am doing my part so why the heck aren't our government leaders doing anything?  Why are the oil sands still expanding, why is an oil pipeline being negotiated?  Oil is a product of the past people, lets stop with the oil and get moving finding more sustainable, nonpolluting fuels or ways to power our world.  Oh, and also why they heck does Canada still mine and sell asbestos?  Banned in Canada but we can sell it to other counties to ki…


I have started a zillion blog posts and then fizzled out and deleted them.  I can't seem to finish them and then if I get close I don't like what I wrote.  I know you are saying,  "judging by the quality of your blog posts how bad can they be?"  I want to post pictures but have none worth posting so don't want to bore anyone with my blathering on about nothing.  But today I thought that's what my blog is about, blathering on about nothing.  So here goes, you have been warned.

Today I decided to get some of the many chores done that have been in my face for so long it's embarrassing.   There are so many things I want to get done I usually just get overwhelmed and end up not doing any of them.  Today my tactic is to just do one small one at a time and stop thinking about all the other ones that need to get done.  I tackled a shelf in the bathroom today so far and a wicker chest full of books.  By then it was 10am and here I sit having a coffee and blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and family.  I still think you all are crazy to have your Thanksgiving so close to Christmas.  It's way more civilized to have it in Oct, after all, it is a harvest festival, who harvests anything in late Nov?  Well maybe some of the more Southern states do so I guess maybe it does make sense, but wouldn't it be so much nicer to have it less close to Christmas?  

Our snow is almost gone due to rain.  We are having lots and lots of rain.  I'd much rather have snow.  And for those of you who complain about snow I have one solution, move to a place there isn't any snow.  Sheesh!  It's not like it's unheard of for snow to happen every year.  But the level of whining I've been hearing is enough to make me want to shout at someone.  It snows here so get used to it and stop the whining.

That being said I will commence my own whining.  Naw, just kidding.  I don't have much to whine about today.  I have a house over my head, …

First snow!

We had our first snow a few days ago and then yesterday it came down and stuck around for a bit.  Then it started to rain/slush and is all melted now but it was glorious when it was coming down in big fat fluffy flakes.  I tried to get a picture but getting a picture of snowflakes falling takes a special skill and better knowledge of how to take the picture than I have.  So this will have to do.

Here's the backyard all cleaned up for winter.

There has been nothing going on in my life that is blog worthy but that doesn't stop me.  I'll just post some boring pictures and blab on about nothing.  I could post cat pictures too but every picture they have red eye in even when the red eye reduction is on.  I'll have to try to figure out how to stop that from happening.  I have a good camera so the only excuse I have is ignorance.

The kids were off school Friday for Remembrance Day.  The weather was so bad we didn't go to the ceremony this year.  All that snow/slush …

The Cold is Here

It is supposed to get really cold tonight like -12C cold.  We have no snow but the mountains around us have had a bit of snow.  It's early so the skiers will be thrilled as the hills may open early.

The gathering I went to last week went well and I stayed out of any flap that went on and believe you me there were a couple of them.  I also made sure that I left early and didn't stick around for when people have a few drinks and get even more relaxed is when the claws seem to come out.  I am sighing a sigh of relief that the whole thing is over and I will not volunteer with that crowd again.  They are all just too high maintenance for me.

I have been Christmas shopping and so far we have two gifts for the kids, their Santa gifts which are their major gifts.  I usually get them a few smaller items from me and their dad and stocking stuffers.  I spend way too much money but what parents doesn't?  You walk that line between getting them something they will like and use and gett…

I'm Not Speaking English

Or at least that's what I feel like today.  I thought I spoke clearly and made my point.  Now several people are upset, not with me but I'm involved in the chaos just the same.  Do you ever meet people who just generate chaos all the time?  I usually try to avoid those people but sometimes that isn't possible and I actually have to work with them.  Now it takes a lot to rattle my cage and I don't take offense easily so today when I phoned this certain person and found out what had been going on I was truly speechless.

I really didn't know what to say to him because he had manufactured the whole drama all on his own.  So I just said "uh."  This I'm sure wasn't a satisfactory answer.  I'm sure he wanted me to calm him and say everything will be okay.  But dang it he was the one who started the whole ball rolling and got me involved in the first place.  I'd have been fine staying out of the whole mess.  And now my name is associated with it a…

I Feel Like a Flat Tire

And I wish it were because I'd lost weight and was deflating but that's not it at all.  I feel all empty and floppy.  My brain doesn't work well either.  I totally blanked on my bank card number today and that has never happened before.  I actually had to get the card out to see the number.
The sound I make is like the flap of soft rubber on cement, fwap, fwap, fwap.  Or maybe that's more like a fish out of water?  I don't know but I don't like it.  It's not the weather either.  I don't blame things on the weather... well maybe if it's really hot I get cranky but that's not weather that's heat.  See I don't even make sense anymore.
It started with my not getting anything done.  I made a to do list.  The list stayed the same for several days.  That made me depressed to look at so I threw it away.  The things on my list are still waiting to get done.  I get up each day ready and prepared to do these things but somehow or other the day gets…

My Aching Bones

My parents are in their seventies.  They are both healthy but not as spry as they once were.  They have a rather large yard and garden.  My mom can't do much gardening anymore since her hip replacement. All that bending is painful for her.  My dad has allergies and sometimes breathing difficulty.  They have a rather large vegetable garden.  I never really thought it was that large until today when we went up to help them clean it out.  I brought both the kids, my older sister came and my dad helped.  Mom did as much as she could, mostly directing the kids as to what they needed to pull out and what had to stay.

The vegetable garden had become overgrown with weeds and although the plants still produced fairly well it made it difficult to clean the garden out.  I should have taken before and after pictures but it totally slipped my mind.  I'll try to take a picture the next time I'm up there. 

We were only there for a couple of hours helping but both kids were worn out and s…

Diet Books

There are so many diets out there it is mind boggling.  The newest thing is to cut out pretty much everything that is a carb and eat meat and veggies.  People actually do this and when they finally eat a carb they complain how their stomach expands. Think about it.  Carbs are harder to digest, take more time and thus produce more gas.  That is not necessarily a bad thing because oatmeal is a carb and very good for you.  It takes a long time to digest and is good for your blood sugars if you don't load it up with sugar.  If you haven't eaten a carb for months and then start to your body will have an adjustment phase.  It's not rocket science nor is it evil unless you have an actual disease and can't digest gluten.
Speaking of evil, sugar is now the new evil.  Sugar in all it's forms is to be avoided at all costs in fear of depressing your immunity to illness or getting the dreaded diabetes.  Not having any sugar is going to depress me more I can tell you!  Have thes…


Well I got the camera to download the pictures, finally!  So here are some pictures of stuff.

Tomatoes before ripping them out for winter.

Carrots and lettuce before cleaning out for winter.

 Both raised beds cleaned out for winter and some chicken wire over them to keep the cats from using them as their cat boxes.  I want to add a nice layer of mulch over these too but need some leaves.

Remember when the neighbour's yard was all dug up?  This is what it looks like now.  The big tree in the back is gone and so are all the other bushes and plants but they did add some more back in. 

This is what the old grape vine looked like.  It's dead in this picture because they dug up the roots.

Here's what that area looks like now.  You can't see but they planted two new grape vines and there is one concord grape vine at the end that survived the digging.  Weird thing though that the concord vine didn't produce a single grape this year.  It should have had some grapes set way be…

This and That

I don't know how many times I've started a post and then had to leave to get something done.  By the time I come back and read what I wrote I don't like it and delete it.  So I'm going to attempt to get a post up at 11:30pm.  Now that the family is all tucked in bed no one will be able to bother me or need the computer.

I got my raised beds cleaned out today and got the strawberry plants moved to their permanent home.  I really need to find something to mulch them with.  No farms around here so straw is hard to come by but leaves should work.  Problem is we don't really have any trees in our yard so no leaves.  I'm not sure what our neighbours would think if we went and raked their yard and took away all the leaves.  LOL!  I guess we could ask but I think I'll check at my parents house first.  Don't want the neighbours thinking we are total nut jobs.

I'd like to post a couple of pictures but I can't get them to download off the camera.  Usually …

Opportunity and a Kick in the Rear

We've been struggling to find activities for our two teenage kids to do.  Living in a small town of mostly retired people means there aren't many things for kids to do.  I did notice that there was a two evening film making workshop for kids 13-18 years old.  This was put on by a professional film company and the kids would get to work with professional equipment and editing software.  There are several competitions coming up and this workshop is to help kids get a start.  I thought the son may like to do this.  It's only two evenings of three hour classes so not a huge commitment.  Of course he wouldn't take it unless a friend was to.  He told his friends about it and one of them actually signed up!
So today I managed to get him in and he starts tomorrow.  It only cost $35 too.  There was only 8 spots in this class and sadly it wasn't full although this was good for the son because he could get in the class.  Hopefully it will give him another fun thing to spend t…

Equinox Birthday

Tomorrow is the first day of fall or the Fall equinox when day and night are equal lengths.  It just so happens that Fall falls on my birthday this year.  And being the lucky person that I am my kids have a day off school  too.  It's one of the teachers development days.  The kids have barely been in school and already they have a day off.  sheesh!  And on my birthday too!
At least they are old enough that I don't have to look after them.  I told them that they are not allowed friends over or to have a sleep over on my birthday.  They are welcome to go out to other people's houses but I don't want a bunch of people cluttering up my tiny house on my birthday.  My husband will be home and that's quite enough clutter for me.  He'll be making the cake and supper.  It will be an apple spice cake with cream cheese icing this year and sweet and sour chicken over rice for supper.  Both are super easy to make but he'll take hours and complain the entire time he'…

Carrot Fail

My carrots did not do well.  This was the first year we have planted carrots here because of the polluted soil.  We made raised beds and filled them in clean soil.  I planted a variety that wouldn't grow too long.  This variety was supposed to grow up to 5inches long.  Not even close.  As you can see by the one I have in my hand the average size is a couple of inches.  Plus these carrots were really hairy with roots.  I've never seen carrots with so many little root hairs.
I've planted carrots before so I know what I'm doing and these are a huge fail.  I'm not sure if it was the soil or the seed.  I thinned them properly and we watered them enough.
Here is my pitiful harvest today.  We've had a few bags like this.  Some were bigger but most of the carrots were this small.  We thought maybe they just needed to mature longer but it didn't help, they just didn't grow well for some reason.

I can't just toss them though so I spent a huge amount of time wa…


The husband has redeemed himself.  A few days ago he helped process about 25 lbs of tomatoes.  We filled a whole kitchen sink with tomatoes, blanched them, removed the skin and then cut them up and froze them in freezer bags.  Today we did another sink of tomatoes but he attempted to make a salsa.  It didn't turn out and him being him he tossed it out.  I thought he should have just thrown it in with the tomato sauce.  It would have been dilute enough not to have made too much of an impact.  With the rest of the tomatoes he made a meatless tomato sauce with spices.  We froze that in plastic containers.
Plus he made pizza from scratch.  Homemade crust, sauce, tomatoes, onions, red pepper, olives and pepperoni.  He didn't want to put any fresh basil on it cause he said he was too tired to go outside and pick some.   I picked some and he wouldn't use it so I think I'll harvest the rest of my basil and make some pesto to freeze.  I'm not sure if I'll have enough b…

Conversation of the Day

(please excuse all punctuation errors as my brain is mush today)

Me to husband "What are you baking?"

Husband  "Peanut butter chocolate chip squares."

Me "You know we don't have much money?  Why don't you make oatmeal chocolate chip bars or cookies.  At least it's semi healthy with the oats.  Plus you can eat the peanut butter on sandwiches when we are down to bare cupboards but no one will eat oats unless they are added to something else.  So this will save us some money and stretch the recipe to make more of whatever you make." 

Husband totally ignores me.

Me  "Did you hear me?  It makes more sense to use the oats and not the peanut butter."

Husband  "I feel like making peanut butter chocolate chip bars.  We need variety."

Me  "But we don't have much money right now for food and it would save us money....."

This is what I'm up against.  He's like his dad that when he gets something into his head n…


September is my favorite month and not just because my birthday is in September.  I love the end of summer.  The days are still nice and warm and the nights are cool so I sleep so much better.  This makes me much happier and easier to be around.  I also used to love going back to school when I was a kid.  I loved all that new paper, pens and books.  Now that I'm a mom I just love when the kids go back to school and for a few hours a day I don't have to worry about them.

Our weather has been still very hot in the daytime, like over 30C.  There is no rain or clouds in the 7 day forecast.  The fire season we missed in the summer is starting now because everything is so dry from the lack of rain all Aug.  So even though I love the fall sunny days I will hope for some rain to keep the fires away.

We have our new car and are attempting to sell the old one.  Not sure what it is worth but with 4 new winter tires we hope to get enough from it's sale for Christmas presents.  To have…

Urge To Write

I have a huge urge to write tonight but I don't really have anything to say.  I could tell you that the yard next door is still a giant dirt pile but they will hopefully be putting the sod down soon.  I could tell you that the people behind us are now going to be digging up their yard too.  We have already suffered through 6 weeks of this crap and to look out my back door and think it will be another 3 weeks or more of this makes me furious.  I don't really have anyone to direct my fury at because it's just one of those stupid things.  So in response I will now be hosing my entire yard off every day until this is over.  I will not obey the watering restrictions and if someone comes to my house and tries to make me they will become the focus of my fury.  Enough said.  (sigh)

It was still over 30C out there today.  I'm tired of the heat.  The clouds moved in this afternoon and now it's not cooling off tonight.  So I can't sleep.  I can never sleep when I'm ho…

Another Concert

Just found out today that Johnny Winter and David Gogo are playing in our small town in Oct.  The husband is a huge Johnny Winter fan and David Gogo is another of his faves.  Of course we are going.  Got the credit card out and will get our tickets as soon as the box office opens.

Funny thing is we asked the kids if they wanted to go and they both said 'no' quite emphatically.  Seems they aren't big blues fans.  Their loss.

Had It, Then I Lost It

I had a great big post about random stuff and then it went poof!  I'm too tired to retype all that again so I'll just say I am praying for all of you in the path of Irene.  I hope you come through it safe and with minimal damage to your property.

The husband was home sick today.  I think he just has an allergy to something.  He went to work and kept having dizzy spells which make him nauseous because he gets motion sick.  He had to come home, take some gravol and lay down.  He figures he's sick but I know better.  He ate three pieces of pizza tonight so he can't be that sick.  I think he has an inner ear thing caused by a virus, allergy or something and that causes his dizzy spells which of course make him feel sick.  If he isn't dizzy he feels fine.

I hope he gets over this soon because we can't afford to have him out of work.  If he doesn't work he doesn't get paid and that means no money coming in and no savings to live off.  I'd love to be able …

Blueberry Buckle

I copied Mama Pea's recipe for Blueberry Buckle and even printed out the pictures with it.  I was going to make it but then the son saw the recipe.  He took Foods in school so fancies himself a cook although he rarely cooks anything not out of a box.  But he insisted he was making this cake.

This morning he made Blueberry Buckle and it is divine!

I may just have to have another piece because one just isn't enough!  Thanks Mama Pea for posting your recipe it is a keeper!

War of the Roses

Men have to be the dumbest creatures on the planet.  I have two of them in my home and sometimes I feel like I have two mentally challenged people I have to deal with daily.  The son doesn't seem to understand that playing video games all day is a bad thing.  I've had a calm chat with him about why and how he needs to step up and limit his own playing time or I will have to.  Do you think he even managed a small effort?  Nope.  So when the whining ensued after I told him his time was up I about lost it!

He has all his games taken away and I'm not sure I'll be giving them back.  This kid won't even go out with his friends.  He sits in his room or on our computer for hours and hours if you let him.  So it's time to be a parent and put a stop to it.  One would think since this boy has two parents, a mom and a dad, that both parents would work together on this.  One would be wrong in this assumption as the other man in the house only wants to be a friend to his kid…

First Tomato Harvest!

Here it is the first tomato harvest from our garden.  The husband immediately ate the tomato I'm holding in my hand.  A little salt and he said it was delicious.  I on the other hand can't eat a raw tomato.  Cook it up and I'm fine but fresh doesn't agree with me so I'll have to take the husband's word that our tomatoes are good.

Since I finally used my real camera and not my cell phone I can put the pictures up here easily.  I found the one of the blueberries and strawberries that I forgot I took.  We never get huge harvests of anything more like a handful every few days which is okay.  It would be nice to have enough to preserve.  The carrots are still only finger size but I think I planted a small variety so it would only grow in the clean soil we put in the raised bed.  We keep thinning the carrots and eating the little bitty ones and they taste good so I'm calling the carrots a success.  I'll take some pictures the next time we pick some.

The dig cr…


No joy with the iPhone it still thinks it's an iPod.  Stupid iTunes.  They are still digging dirt out of the neighbours yard but at least they got some fresh soil put back over most of the parts they dug up earlier.  They are also now using our hose to keep the soil watered down.  We don't pay for water so it's no problem for us.  At least they are keeping the soil wet so it doesn't blow around and with no rain in sight everything is very dry.

We are broke, broke, broke!  I'm not even sure how we are going to manage we are so broke.  I have to put all the kid's school supplies and clothes on our credit card.  At least they don't need many school supplies now and can pretty much use the same stuff as last year.  And the son only needed a few t-shirts for school.  His shoes will wait.  The daughter needs some more jeans and runners too.  We'll have to get her two pairs of runners which is really expensive but she grows out of them every year or wears them…