No joy with the iPhone it still thinks it's an iPod.  Stupid iTunes.  They are still digging dirt out of the neighbours yard but at least they got some fresh soil put back over most of the parts they dug up earlier.  They are also now using our hose to keep the soil watered down.  We don't pay for water so it's no problem for us.  At least they are keeping the soil wet so it doesn't blow around and with no rain in sight everything is very dry.

We are broke, broke, broke!  I'm not even sure how we are going to manage we are so broke.  I have to put all the kid's school supplies and clothes on our credit card.  At least they don't need many school supplies now and can pretty much use the same stuff as last year.  And the son only needed a few t-shirts for school.  His shoes will wait.  The daughter needs some more jeans and runners too.  We'll have to get her two pairs of runners which is really expensive but she grows out of them every year or wears them out so we don't have a choice.  The son hasn't worn his runners out yet so we'll wait a bit to get him new ones.

I have no idea how we are going to pay for all the school fees but at least they wont be due until the end of Sept so hopefully by then the husband will have worked some more shifts.  I'm always planning a couple of months in advance for our finances which has kept us in good financial standing so far but some times I have no idea how we scrimp through with hardly a dime in the bank.  I have been known to borrow from the kid's accounts but I always put the money back with interest so they don't lose out.  I hate to have to do that but sometimes there is no option.  It's either starve or borrow some money to tide us over.

My husband doesn't make the same amount of money each month and it can go from feast to famine.  This makes it very difficult to budget.  For me thought the bills get paid first.  Then we make due with whatever money is left.  Most months I can't even save $20 for the months that the husband makes less.

I do know that if there is food in the house I make the kids eat what we have.  Some of our meals are such a mishmash of things but they are always balanced and have two different veggies served.  The husband on the other hand thinks of himself as a cook and insists on making meals that match.  You know the kind where everything goes together well?  Not me, last night we had a small frozen pizza, some carrots from the garden, some fresh beans from my parents garden and some garlic cheddar cheese buns.  The buns were just plain buns but we toasted them, buttered, sprinkle of garlic and a bit of cheese.  Then back in the oven to melt the cheese.  There was some chicken on the pizza and with the cheese I figured we got enough protein.  Too much carbs but everyone was full and I wasn't going to the store to buy stuff to make another pizza.  I was determined to eat up the stuff we have in the freezer even if that means eating a bit of this and that for a week or more.

Oh and here are a couple of pics of the soil removal next door.  I'm standing on our back stairs taking this picture.  Our lot is only 50ft by 100ft so not too big.  Sorry the pictures are blurry.  I had to take them from a friend's facebook page and that's how they came out when I copied and pasted them here.


Erin said…
I hear you on those school supplies, ours went on a credit card the other day as well. Sometimes I don't know how it all comes together, I wish the kids would have a little more respect for the financial stuff and stop always badgering my to buy this or that, but I guess mine are too young to realize that money is hard to come by. I sure hope they finish up that soil project... you should have yours retested soon, I bet enough of that dust has settled in your yard to put you over the mark!
Sparkless said…
Erin we would have to pay to have our soil retested and we can't afford that. They only test the soil when they get the gov't money to do it. It's not like I can ask to have it tested unless I have young children under the age of 6.
School supplies were less expensive this year only because my kids will reuse all their old stuff. I only had to buy some pens, pencils and some new felts. High school is cheaper on supplies but more expensive on school fees. UG!

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