The Cold is Here

It is supposed to get really cold tonight like -12C cold.  We have no snow but the mountains around us have had a bit of snow.  It's early so the skiers will be thrilled as the hills may open early.

The gathering I went to last week went well and I stayed out of any flap that went on and believe you me there were a couple of them.  I also made sure that I left early and didn't stick around for when people have a few drinks and get even more relaxed is when the claws seem to come out.  I am sighing a sigh of relief that the whole thing is over and I will not volunteer with that crowd again.  They are all just too high maintenance for me.

I have been Christmas shopping and so far we have two gifts for the kids, their Santa gifts which are their major gifts.  I usually get them a few smaller items from me and their dad and stocking stuffers.  I spend way too much money but what parents doesn't?  You walk that line between getting them something they will like and use and getting them what they really want.  The items they really wanted this year are out of our budget so I felt like I had to make up for that in some way with an item that would be a total surprise, something they hadn't asked for.  That meant I had to do some thinking and a whole lot of searching.  But I got the job done, tick.

Now I just have to work on some craft items and baking for family.  We usually make this almond rocca like candy and some pizzelle (sp?)  Pizzelle is an Italian cookie that is cooked on a press.  You need the press to make them.  They are wonderful and you can make them any flavour you like.  We usually make the traditional ones flavoured with anise, a kind of liquorish flavour.   Wow looking back over what I wrote there is a whole bunch of red underlining going on.  This usually means I'll get up and check spellings but tonight I'm not gonna do it, I'm too tired.  And flavour is spelled with a "u" in Canada so that is correct.  Sometimes I change it just so the red goes away.

Not much has been going on here.  I don't have a good rant to write about because I am trying to rant less.  Other than being incessantly tired nothing is going on here.  I need more exercise and starting tomorrow I'm getting outside for a long walk.  It's been beautiful and sunny but cold here so the sunshine will do me good.  Oh, the decluttering is beginning.  I always declutter in winter when I'm stuck inside and bored.  Seems to work better for me in winter.  So far 3 bags of clothes have gone to charity and several boxes of books are in storage for our annual garage sale in the spring. 


Mama Pea said…
Wow, you've thrown me into panic mode by being waaay too far ahead on your Christmas preparations and thoughts! Is it really time for me to get on the stick for all that? Dang.
Erin said…
You made me laugh... I have this visual of you "learning" to spell incorrectly just so the computer will stop highlighting it LOL! What an accurate sign of the times these days! I have the kids done for Christmas too, I used layaway this year and am really happy I did that, and glad it's back in vogue again!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea it's November!!! I'm in Christmas panic mode. All that stuff on my list to get done. I don't do much shopping but I do like to make a few gifts and baking.

Erin yup that's me spelling things wrong so the computer will stop underlining it. We got the son a tablet thing and are looking at computer animation programs. For the daughter we got her a Kobo Vox which is similar to the new Kindle Fire. We hope it will be similar enough to a laptop to keep her happy.
Erin said…
those gifts are perfect! I'm sure they will love them!

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