Another Concert

Just found out today that Johnny Winter and David Gogo are playing in our small town in Oct.  The husband is a huge Johnny Winter fan and David Gogo is another of his faves.  Of course we are going.  Got the credit card out and will get our tickets as soon as the box office opens.

Funny thing is we asked the kids if they wanted to go and they both said 'no' quite emphatically.  Seems they aren't big blues fans.  Their loss.


Mama Pea said…
I say if both you and hubby know you'll enjoy it, go for it! You deserve a good evening out together . . . and without the kiddlies might even make it better!
Erin said…
Johnny Winter OMG get those tickets!! I would love to see that concert. We saw B.B. King along with Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang all together at a concert and it was the best ever :) Have fun!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. It should be a great night of music.
Erin we've seen BB King too but not Buddy Guy or Johny Lang. That must have been a fantastic concert with all of them together. It should be a great concert.

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