Urge To Write

I have a huge urge to write tonight but I don't really have anything to say.  I could tell you that the yard next door is still a giant dirt pile but they will hopefully be putting the sod down soon.  I could tell you that the people behind us are now going to be digging up their yard too.  We have already suffered through 6 weeks of this crap and to look out my back door and think it will be another 3 weeks or more of this makes me furious.  I don't really have anyone to direct my fury at because it's just one of those stupid things.  So in response I will now be hosing my entire yard off every day until this is over.  I will not obey the watering restrictions and if someone comes to my house and tries to make me they will become the focus of my fury.  Enough said.  (sigh)

It was still over 30C out there today.  I'm tired of the heat.  The clouds moved in this afternoon and now it's not cooling off tonight.  So I can't sleep.  I can never sleep when I'm hot.  Sometimes I get used to it and finally crash but lately it's been cool at night so when it's suddenly warm out I can't sleep.  (sigh)

We are supposed to pick up our new car tomorrow.  I'm carefully optimistic about this.  This isn't a car I got to choose or would probably ever buy.  This is a car that is being sold to us inexpensively and we are grateful.  I will try not to be frustrated when it doesn't meet our needs for leg room in the back for my 6'2" son or 6' husband.  I will not be frustrated by all the small things that are broken on it and won't ever get fixed.  I will cultivate gratefulness instead. (Ohmmmmmm)

We finally put up the new sheers and curtains in the living room and I must say I wish we could pay someone to do it properly.  Even after paying a fortune for these things they don't work properly.  I have to hem the curtains because they are way too long.  Because the are so close to the front door they can't be on the ground too much or people will step on them as they come in the house.  We have a problem with the sheers too.  They are not wide enough so I need to put up another panel.  That means I have to get the ironing board out of the packed closet and find the iron again.  (big sigh)

The other problem is the curtains are touching the sheers so when you close or open the curtain it's pushing the sheers around.  One would think this would be an easy fix but when you live in a small town finding anything is difficult.  We either have to find longer hangers for the pole the curtains are on or someone make the sheers hang closer to the wall.  I just wanted to hang these things up and be done but now it's going to take another month of fiddling around to get these dang curtains to hang properly.  And stupid me bought curtains that can't be ironed.  They are wrinkled from being in the package so what the heck are you supposed to do.  These are lined curtains to keep out the heat and cold.   They have some type of plastic or nylon backing.  You also can't wash these curtains.  Please hit me over the head!  I should have paid more attention when I bought them but I was focused on finding a certain color of insulated drapes for a certain price and neglected to pay attention to the fabric it was made of.  It's difficult enough to find any curtains that will fit on our odd sized windows period.  I yearn for insulated standard windows. (sigh)

I yearn for a closet too.  I can't remember the last time I had a closet to hang clothes in.  Can you imagine living in a place where you don't have anywhere to hang your clothes?  Sure I could buy one of those portable things but I wouldn't have any place to put it.  So you see my problem.  I can't even remember if I have any dress shoes.  It's been over 10 years since I've seen them.  They are all packed away somewhere.  If I needed a pair I most likely wouldn't be able to find them and would just have to go out and buy another pair.  See how living in a poorly designed small house makes you waste money!  Lucky for me I don't need to wear my dress shoes, or a dress anytime soon. (sigh of relief)

We have new neighbours two houses away from us.  That house had been empty for about 6 years until some house flippers bought it and fixed it up.  It was sold and the new family moved in, except it's a mom and her adult son.  Her adult son doesn't work, he's a suspected drug dealer.  Nice hey?  We've heard that he got beat up very badly for some reason or other.  This guy likes to shout.  He fights with his brother.  Not sure if the brother lives there or is just visiting.  Tonight I was outside enjoying the evening when it started up.  I heard someone yell "put that knife away!"  Um, I wonder how many times the police will be visiting that house. (big sigh)

There is no food in the house although the husband went grocery shopping.  I'm not sure what he bought but it wasn't food because I can't find any.  The kids keep whining about being hungry and I keep directing them to their dad.  At least he's home to get the brunt of the whining.  I will go grocery shopping in a day or two when I have to buy milk.  Then I'll make sure to pick up supplies for baking and we'll bake some muffins, cookies and brownies for their lunches when school starts next week.  (sigh of happiness)

That's enough rambling for now.  I think I'll try to go back to sleep now.  (sigh)


Erin said…
That's why I don't have even one curtain in the house LOL, too much work involved! We don't have any closets either, I had hubby put up floor to ceiling simple wood shelves he cut and then I hung fabric around it so it "looks" like a closet, but ALL of our clothes, hats mittens, camping gear, etc all has to fit in there... it's a mess but it's a mess behind fabric at least LOL. I don't think I would ever trust my hubby to buy groceries, he doesn't compare prices to sizes, etc, ugh! I have to put money in a separate account for him when he goes overseas because if he has our main account card he'll check the balance at an ATM and then assume that it's all available, yikes! It only took one time of bouncing the mortgage because he took money out before I learned that one the hard way LOL

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