We Have Snow

It decided to snow today, not a lot but enough to cover the ground.  Now I love snow and don't even mind driving in it, I live in BC, you know the place with mountains, big mountains.  So of course I had to drive up a huge mountain to take my son to his violin recital.  As we drove up the road the snow was coming down and there was fog so you couldn't see very far in front of your car or even tell where on the road your car was.  I kept wondering if I was on my side of the road which worried the son.  He kept telling me I was in the middle of the road to which I replied  "better that than in the ditch!"  LOL!  I guess I should keep those thoughts to myself when I'm driving with the kids. 

Lucky for us the snow stopped fairly soon and by the time we had to go home it had stopped completely.  So now we have this lovely white layer of clean snow.  It's supposed to snow a bit for the next few days so it looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all.  Not enough snow to sled in but enough to help it feel like Christmas.

I have been struggling with filling out my family's passport forms for the last month or so.  It normally doesn't take a month to fill out forms but geez these forms are a nightmare!  I had to get my sister to help me.  Then we had to have pictures taken.  So I'm hoping to take the forms to the gov't office to be checked before they send them in.  I could just mail them away but if they aren't done correctly they'll send them back to me so it's better to have them checked so I don't have to waste postage sending them twice.

We have lived this long without passports but my mom got a bee in her bonnet that we needed to have them even though we never go anywhere.  We couldn't really afford them so she even paid for them.  It cost $87 for each adult and $37 per child plus the $63 that my mom paid for the pictures.  All for some passports we'll probably never use.  Oh well, at least we got the son a passport before he turns 16 and will have to pay the adult price.  He'll have his for 5 years and won't need to change it until that 5 years is over.

My parents love to travel and they can't fathom why we don't go anywhere.  I've tried to explain that we just don't have the money but she can't seem to understand that.  I think she thinks we would go if we have passports.  We live 5 minutes away from the US border and Spokane is  the closest big city for shopping for us.  People here always go down to the US to shop because it's close, more variety and cheaper.  But to spend a day shopping means we'd have to pay for a tank of gas, not cheap anymore, and meals.  Then the part of this whole equation that my mom forgot is that we don't shop much due to our lack of excess funds.  So we could go shopping and not buy anything but where would be the fun in that.  We could just go sightseeing but even that costs money.  We could catch a concert or a show but again those are pretty expensive.

I guess it can't hurt to have passports and if she is paying for the expense we'll get them even though filling out those forms gave me several headaches.  Now if the weather doesn't get too bad we'll brave the roads again to get to the gov't office in another town (we don't have one in ours) to make sure the forms are done properly and if so off they go.  If all goes well in 20-30 days we will be a family with passports and nowhere to go.  LOL!


Erin said…
I entertained the idea of passports last year for about an hour, LOL until I remembered how much they cost! Can you believe that last deployment WE had to pay for hubby's passport? He came home with the application and I just assumed he wanted me to fill it out for him so he could take it back in to work, nope - they expected US to send it in and pay for it, and of course it was a rush since he was deploying in a month...ugh! That's what the military gives us these days, sickening. And then there was the time WE had to pay for him to stay in a hotel in Kuwait while he awaited transport to a combat zone... see what you've started? Sorry for ranting and hijacking the post LOL! I love your comeback about being in the ditch, sounds like something I'd say - I have a feeling we'd get along pretty well if we road-tripped to Spokane together hahaha!
Sparkless said…
Erin I can't believe they make your husband pay for all those things that he actually needs for work. That is shocking!
Road trip!!! LOL! Don't even say that word cause every time I take a road trip some disaster occurs. They are funny afterwards but during, not so much.

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