The Shame

Canada is the first country to drop out of the Kyoto Accord.  It's not like most countries were doing much about cleaning up their acts and Canada is one of the worst offenders but do we have to be first to jump ship?  I am very ashamed of my country and our lack of environmental protection.  For goodness sakes politicians the Earth is our home and if we don't take care of it it won't last for our children or their progeny.

Yes, I jumped on the letter writing bandwagon for all the good it will do.  I voted too for all the good it did.  I am doing my part so why the heck aren't our government leaders doing anything?  Why are the oil sands still expanding, why is an oil pipeline being negotiated?  Oil is a product of the past people, lets stop with the oil and get moving finding more sustainable, nonpolluting fuels or ways to power our world.  Oh, and also why they heck does Canada still mine and sell asbestos?  Banned in Canada but we can sell it to other counties to kill their poor people with.  Shame, shame I say!!

The people of the future are going to be looking back and asking us why we didn't do anything about this sooner.  What's your answer Stephen Harper?  Are you lazy or just dumb?


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