I have started a zillion blog posts and then fizzled out and deleted them.  I can't seem to finish them and then if I get close I don't like what I wrote.  I know you are saying,  "judging by the quality of your blog posts how bad can they be?"  I want to post pictures but have none worth posting so don't want to bore anyone with my blathering on about nothing.  But today I thought that's what my blog is about, blathering on about nothing.  So here goes, you have been warned.

Today I decided to get some of the many chores done that have been in my face for so long it's embarrassing.   There are so many things I want to get done I usually just get overwhelmed and end up not doing any of them.  Today my tactic is to just do one small one at a time and stop thinking about all the other ones that need to get done.  I tackled a shelf in the bathroom today so far and a wicker chest full of books.  By then it was 10am and here I sit having a coffee and blogging.

I'm going to find another small chore and do it next.  What happens to me is I start and then get sidetracked by about four other chores while I'm trying to complete the first one.  So today I'm not going to get sidetracked.  Well not much anyway cause I also did a bit of a shelf clean on the back porch.  I was trying to find a better place to put a couple of things because they can't stay on the porch over winter or they will freeze.  Unfortunately I haven't found a good place for these things and the ice shaver doesn't fit back in the box it came in.  I like to keep things in the boxes they came in when not in use to keep them clean especially if they have to be stored on our back porch.  I doubt we'll be having shaved ices in winter so I was trying to put the thing back in the box and put the syrups somewhere they wouldn't freeze over winter. 

All that happened because I went on the back porch to get a bag to put some garbage in while I cleaned off the shelf in the bathroom.  See how I get sidetracked from one chore to another and then end up not really getting any of them done?  I'm still working on the ice shaver and syrup problem in my head, the shelf in the bathroom is clean, wicker chest is sorted out.  I have two tubs of books for the husband to take downstairs when he gets home.

Now I'm looking around for the next small chore.  I'd really like to clean out a couple of closets but these are big jobs because there is so much stuff shoved into these closets due to our lack of space.  I actually have a clothes closet but I can't hang any of my clothes in it because it is filled with guitars, the ironing board, boxes of craft stuff, winter clothes, wrapping paper and empty boxes I'm saving for Christmas.  Around the end of August I save boxes to wrap Christmas presents in so the kids can't tell what their presents are.  After Christmas all the boxes go into the recycling bin.  But right now I've got empty boxes clogging up my very small closet.  Some day I'll have a closet I can hang clothes in.... someday.

My kitchen cabinets all need a good cleaning but bending over to do the lower cabinets hurts my back and to do the upper cabinets I have to stand on a chair and then get up and down to take everything out.  I need someone to hand stuff to while I take them out of the cabinet.  Then I have to wash the cabinet and then wash the dishes I took out of the cabinet and then put them back in.  This is a two person job so I'll wait until I can draft one of the kids into helping or maybe both can help.  I have wine glasses that we never use and are all dusty sitting in the top cupboard. 

I need to figure out what to have for supper tonight too.  Which means I can only use what we have in the house because we don't have any money until payday on Friday.  This usually means one or the other kids will whine about what I make.  Or I could just make eggs for the son and grilled cheese for the daughter and both will be happy.  If I throw in a salad and or another veggie with a glass of milk that's a balanced meal, right?

I've sat for 30 minutes now and my break is up so I'm off to decide what chore I do next.  Wish me luck.


Mama Pea said…
I think your plan of action is a very good one. Concentrate on that one chore and don't even THINK about everything else you could/should do. (Now if I would only practice that myself . . . ) And take the time to feel good and pat yourself on the back for that clean bathroom shelf and container of sorted books. Stand and look at it and give yourself credit for making it look as nice as it does.

Even with a little space, I find if I sort and clean an area, I always have more room to put things back in it. Just organizing all the stuff helps so much.

I remember way back when I was first married, a friend and I were discussing how we cleaned house. I started in one room and finished it before going on to another. She was the opposite in that she started in one room, but if she had to take something into another room to put away she'd work in that room until another task took her out of that room to another and on and on until all of a sudden (she claimed) the whole house was clean! So I guess there is more than one way to get cleaning accomplished.

One more thing (since I'm writing a book here), what you post may seem boring to you but it's not to the rest of us. It's often a good idea or suggestion or makes us think of something we wouldn't have otherwise. So keep writing and posting (and pictures, please) even though it seems mundane to you. It's NOT to the rest of us. Trust me.

Okay. Enough. Amen. Over and out.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea do you know what happened later in my day? I sat down to have lunch on the couch, first mistake, second mistake was to close my eyes for just a second. I fell asleep for over 2 hours sitting up! Now I feel truly old cause I can just nod off sitting up. I could never fall asleep sitting up when I was older. I must have been tired to have slept that long but I had so many other little chores to get done.
Oh well there's always tomorrow.
Erin said…
Keep blathering on, I love it! I've been feeling this way too this fall, I have so much I WANT to do but can't seem to knock the chores out or get excited about them the way I used to. We had the payday issue dinners here the past couple of days, too - last night was spaghetti night and I thought Loch was going to cry, he hates spaghetti LOL! But then payday was today and after clipping my coupons and making my list and paying all the other bills, I don't want to go to the store, I want that money in the account a little bit longer :) Fa la la la, la.....
Kim said…
I just found your blog. And I'm happy to find another person who hops from chore to chore without really finishing one. Thats me :)
Sparkless said…
Welcome Kim. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and realized I hadn't ever commented. Be prepared to read much rambling if you read my blog. LOL!
Grace said…
That's exactly what happens to me. There are so many little tasks awaiting my attention, it's really hard to stick to one all the way through.
Sparkless said…
Grace, I know what you mean. I start something and then find a zillion other small things that I think I'll just do while I'm doing the first thing and then pretty soon I've lost the plot entirely!

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