Carrot Fail

My carrots did not do well.  This was the first year we have planted carrots here because of the polluted soil.  We made raised beds and filled them in clean soil.  I planted a variety that wouldn't grow too long.  This variety was supposed to grow up to 5inches long.  Not even close.  As you can see by the one I have in my hand the average size is a couple of inches.  Plus these carrots were really hairy with roots.  I've never seen carrots with so many little root hairs.
I've planted carrots before so I know what I'm doing and these are a huge fail.  I'm not sure if it was the soil or the seed.  I thinned them properly and we watered them enough.
Here is my pitiful harvest today.  We've had a few bags like this.  Some were bigger but most of the carrots were this small.  We thought maybe they just needed to mature longer but it didn't help, they just didn't grow well for some reason.

I can't just toss them though so I spent a huge amount of time washing and cutting these puny things.  At least they taste good.

I feel so much better now that I've posted a couple of pictures.  Now Mama Pea doesn't have to come beat me up for not posting any pictures.  LOL!

My Mother-In-Law is having a hip replacement tomorrow so we'll be up at the hospital sometime to find out how she's doing.  I'm not sure if the Father-In-Law will come over or not.  He won't even stay at our house overnight cause he's too neurotic.  He'll drive an hour and a half back home and then come again the next day and most likely do that every day while his wife is in the hospital.  We can see the hospital from our front window it's so close to where we live.  Our house just isn't good enough for him and his phobias though so he can waste a ton of money on gas, stupid old fool.  He better not expect to come and eat meals at our house because I am not making him any meals.  If our house isn't good enough for him then that's fine he can eat somewhere else too.  He'll probably stay at a hotel and not tell us because he's that weird.  We've offered him our room and bed but he's too neurotic.  This man can't go on a boat or a plane or do a bunch of other things.  Everything is a secret with them and it's so dysfunctional.  It's hard not to get pulled into their dysfunctional ways.

The son has his violin lesson and we are supposed to meet this guy who is buying our old car.  It's a busy day tomorrow so I better get to sleep so I won't be so cranky having to deal with dysfunctional In-Laws.


Mama Pea said…
Yay, pictures! Lovely looking little (operative word here?) carrots you have there. Very strange that they didn't grow any bigger than that. As you say, at least they have a good flavor.

Sending best of luck with the in-laws. They sound like the type of people who will never change so don't stress yourself trying to enter into that game. Hugs.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Teehee... Those are what my carrots look like too! XD

Thank you for your words of encouragement. ^-^ I tend to eat & eat & eat as well... and none of it healthy, whenever I'm stressed or upset. I, too, need a better coping mechanism!

I've been giving the laughter a try, as well as going for a few walks. I think it's working. ^-^

Hope your MIL's surgery went well & that she heals quickly. Also hope your FIL stays outta your hair!

Sparkless said…
Thanks Duchess. MIL's surgery went well and she's recovering on schedule. FIL is staying at home and we haven't seen him except for the first day. Thanks goodness!
Erin said…
I'd say you did well! I can't grow carrots AT ALL, so I'm hoping a more northern climate will help me someday! Dysfunctional families provide good blog fodder I've found LOL, so revel in that at least! I thought Mother in Law already had hip replacement? Or was that a different procedure?
Sparkless said…
Erin my mom had a hip replaced last spring. My MIL is having a hip replacement also. This will be her second hip to be replaced. She'll be made up of all replaced parts soon. LOL!
Dysfunctional relatives sure do make for amusing blog posts for readers.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, thanks for the luck with the IL's. I try my best not to let them bother me because you are so right that they won't ever change.

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