Christmas Wrap-up

I've been reading about every one's Christmas but I haven't written about ours.  Here's how our day went.  The husband got up at 5:30am because he had to work Christmas day.  The rest of us got up at 6am so we could all open presents before he had to go to work.  I kept telling the kids they could go back to bed or take a nap afterwards.  They both declined the nap.  I on the other hand went back to bed at 8am and tried to sleep.  The phone rang several times and I had to talk to people.  Finally gave up getting much sleep around 11am.  The kids were playing games and doing whatever it is that teens do.  I had a shower and ate lunch.  The kids had already eaten.

There were a few games that my daughter needed help setting up so I did that.  Then we got busy cleaning up all the boxes and bags and bows.  I made them fold the tissue paper this year.  We washed all the new bowls and cups we got and had hot chocolate.  Sat around some more and played on the Wii with the kids.  I had to make the yams for supper and bring buns so I got busy around 3pm making those. 

At 4pm we drove up to my parents house, they live about a 10min drive from us.  We usually have Christmas supper with them and my two sisters and their family.  My mom cooks the turkey and the rest of us bring a side dish or two.  That way mom doesn't have to be in the kitchen all day.

The husband got off work at 5pm and I went down to get him around 6pm.  He came up and had his supper as we were tucking into our dessert of chocolate yule log and homemade peppermint ice cream.  Everyone had a great time or at least a good time.  No problems this year, not that we usually have problems but they do occasionally occur.

It was a rather boring Christmas, truth be told.  The kids didn't get spectacular gifts.  They really couldn't think of much that they wanted and I was at a loss.  Some years I can think of something I know they will love or they ask for something fun.  Some years I buy the husband something awesome.  I look forward to giving people perfect gifts more than getting them.  The gift doesn't have to be an expensive one to qualify, it just has to be something I think they will really love.  Without that this Christmas was a bit flat but I'm not complaining, just saying.

We have a bit of snow so it wasn't a snowless Christmas.  It's actually snowing tonight which is good for our local ski hills.  Lots of kids got ski passes for Christmas and I think there was barely enough snow for the hills to open so far this season so any snow is good snow.

Now we move onto New Years Eve.  My daughter already has plans.  The husband works and I'm not sure what my son is doing.  When the husband gets home he may not even stay up till 12 cause he'll be tired.  He falls asleep sitting up now.  He goes to bed plenty early though so I've been trying to get him to go to the Dr. to make sure he's okay.  The husband is usually a pretty energetic guy who doesn't need more than 7 hours of sleep.  Me I'm a 8-9 hour a night gal.

I've started working on cleaning up the kitchen cupboards, again.  We got new mixing bowls and glass storage containers.  I'm trying to get rid of as much plastic as I can.  we have one cupboard that we have to pretty much fit all our pots, pans, bowls and storage containers in.  It takes some organizational skill to fit everything into those drawers.  I culled a bunch of things we rarely use but need to keep like springform pans that we use for cheese cakes and some bowls and platters we use when company comes.  They will be boxed up and go into the basement labelled clearly so they can be easily found.  I'm sure we'll never see those things again and I'll wonder what happened to our springform pans and platters.  The husband will feign ignorance of the whole thing and say he has no idea.

I fell down our cement front stairs today.  They were slippery and I just slipped right off the top step and fell forward down the three steps.  Lucky for me I rolled or I would have hurt myself badly.  As it is I only hurt my knees, side and arm.  Bruised but not broken.  I was so looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow but the husband took a shift which means I have to drive the kids all over and do the grocery shopping.  Hopefully I'll be able to move tomorrow.  From what everyone says, you are more sore the day after a tumble and I'm already plenty sore.

Sorry I don't have any funny stories to tell or any pictures to post.  I'll try to be more amusing in my next post.


Erin said…
I'm glad you are okay! I fell down with the same scenario on my mom's front steps 3 Christmases ago and spent the day in the local ER getting a broken foot set, ugh! The really bad part was the 1200 mile drive home the next day hubby had to do all by himself since our car is a stick shift and I was doped up LOL! Ski Passes are a great gift for teens, expensive though so I sure hope you get lots of snow soon! Seems like everyone had a pretty low-key Christmas this year :)
Sparkless said…
Oh Erin that is not a good way to spend Christmas, in the ER. Our ski hills have become so expensive. We can't afford to ski but if we can we'll send the kids once or twice. It costs them about $86 for a day with equipment rental. Even if they had their own equipment it would cost $50 a day to ski. There are a couple of cheaper hills but the kids always go to Red Mountain to ski.

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