I'm Not Speaking English

Or at least that's what I feel like today.  I thought I spoke clearly and made my point.  Now several people are upset, not with me but I'm involved in the chaos just the same.  Do you ever meet people who just generate chaos all the time?  I usually try to avoid those people but sometimes that isn't possible and I actually have to work with them.  Now it takes a lot to rattle my cage and I don't take offense easily so today when I phoned this certain person and found out what had been going on I was truly speechless.

I really didn't know what to say to him because he had manufactured the whole drama all on his own.  So I just said "uh."  This I'm sure wasn't a satisfactory answer.  I'm sure he wanted me to calm him and say everything will be okay.  But dang it he was the one who started the whole ball rolling and got me involved in the first place.  I'd have been fine staying out of the whole mess.  And now my name is associated with it and the chaos.

If you could only turn back the clock and smack yourself before you make a mistake.  I did know better than to take on anything with this person but I really wanted to be involved in this project.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.  The only problem is I now have to spend an entire evening tonight with all the people involved in the drama.  It wasn't supposed to be like this.  It was supposed to be fun and a good thing.  Bah!  No good deed goes unpunished they always say so I guess it's true.


Mama Pea said…
Go to the get-together tonight and show everyone your smiling, happy face. Refuse to enter into the drama. Look for any little thing you can find that is good and worthwhile. Focus on that and set a good example of how people are supposed to act and get along together. I know it may be the performance of your life, but I'm betting it will have a positive effect. You go, Girl!
Erin said…
Well, how did it go? I'm late, but I agree with Mama Pea, try the "moderator" approach, it will drive you crazy listening to it all but afterwards everyone will remember you as the only sane person in the room LOL! Details, girlfriend, we need juicy details! :)

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