Blueberry Buckle

I copied Mama Pea's recipe for Blueberry Buckle and even printed out the pictures with it.  I was going to make it but then the son saw the recipe.  He took Foods in school so fancies himself a cook although he rarely cooks anything not out of a box.  But he insisted he was making this cake.

This morning he made Blueberry Buckle and it is divine!

I may just have to have another piece because one just isn't enough!  Thanks Mama Pea for posting your recipe it is a keeper! 


Erin said…
Sparkless said…
Erin you have to try it. I'm sure you could use any type of fruit. It's so simple to make the boys could even do it, with some supervision.
Mama Pea said…
Well, garsh! I'm honored that you made it (or your son made it!), liked it, and posted about it!

Ya wanna know the frustrating part of having gobs of fresh berries and (most years) luscious veggies from the garden? Not having time enough in the busy summer season to cook up a storm and invite people over to eat all the good stuff. Some day . . . and you're on the invite list.
Ok, you are like the 5,000th person to love this. You broke me down...gotta make it!

A man that fancies himself a cook? You've done well!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea you'll have time enough after your reno is done. Just keep posting your delicious recipes.
Apple Pie Gal you have to make it so you can gush over it too. It's amazing and I think our pan of Blueberry Buckle is all gone. We are making a new pan right away!

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